Immense Diversity of Classification and Division Essay Topics

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Are you supposed to create a piece of writing on one of the classification and division essay topics? Do not you know what to start with? Do not panic, as creating a classification essay will not cause you any troubles, as it is one of the easiest kinds of essays. Such an assignment is considered a great tool for mastering one’s writing skills. With useful tips at hand, you will also manage to compose a fascinating piece of writing.

What Is a Classification Essay?

This is a paper focused on categorizing things. For example, you may divide drinks into alcoholic and non-alcoholic or you may classify any other things. Actually, a division essay can be written on any subject.

Helpful Hints on How to Write a Classification Essay

Though classification essays are not the ones that are assigned to students more often than other types of papers, one still need to know how to produce them in the right way.

What is the subject of your essay? What issues are you going to categorize?

Before beginning preparing your classification and division essay, ensure that you understand the topic. Do you intend to classify countries according to the goods they import? Are you aimed at categorizing movies according to their genres?

Since the main aim of a classification essay is to categorize subjects, such a piece of writing can be also called a categorization one. Consider three diverse categories which you can divide things into. If you keep reading, you will understand why three is the best option.

When dividing the discussed things into groups, you should not rack your brain. Just think about the most suitable way you could categorize things in. In order to pick a good topic, first select a general parent group which includes a number of narrower subcategories. Do you need more ideas? Keep reading!

Classification Essay Outline, Structure, and Format

Once the topic is chosen, you may start producing an outline. An outline will help you compose a well-organized essay upheld with an equal number of remarkable examples supporting every category.

Prompts to Follow

  • When producing your paper, ensure that all objects are categories by the same principle. The defined categories have to be independent from each other. Additionally, you should neither include the created groups inside of each other nor put the same objects in a few groups at once.
  • Decide on the order which the analyzed subjects will be presented in (for instance, from the most significant to the less ones, or from the biggest to the smallest). You are free to arrange subjects in any manner. Still, make sure the picked organizational mode is clear.
  • A thesis statement has to be cogent so that readers comprehend what your essay is about.

In order to write a solid outline, take the following steps:

1. Define the key categories of your topic

A specific feature of a division classification essay is logic. Thus, you should divide the issues you are discussing into a few, 3 or 5, categories. Do not establish an excessive number of categories! The created groups have to be pertinent to your topic. In addition, try not to make too detailed groups. For example, if you are going to produce a classification essay about movies, you should not highlight such a specific genre as parody alongside drama and others.

2. Pick the points you desire to discuss

The objects belonging to a particular category have to be analyzed according to the peculiar points mentioned throughout the discussion. Imagine that you intend to compose a piece of writing about unusual pets. You may analyze them according to such points as:

  • appearance
  • character
  • abilities
  • nature

Once the features for analyzing the objects are determined, provide some comments on each of them. For instance, if you are writing about sharks’ attacks, it is also worth mentioning about the danger that comes from crocodiles (if these creatures are included in the respective category).

3. Find marvelous classification and division essay examples

Mind that your ideas and claims have to be backed up with evidence and examples. If you manage to cite worthy examples, you will be able to persuade your professor that your viewpoint on the matter as well as classification essay ideas are worth being considered. Note that each group should contain an equal number of examples. You may find a superb example of a classification essay online to understand how such a paper should look like.

These are the main steps one need to follow to produce a superior outline.

Now, you have to provide enough data about each of the points highlighted in the outline. Remember that your paper has to be coherent. That is why it is essential to make smooth transitions between each of the essay sections.

In case some points about how to write a classification and division essay remain unclear, access to find more information about this type of work.

It goes without saying that close attention has to be paid to the way a paper is constructed in. One should be fully aware of the most effective methods for creating an outline, as it guarantees the coherency and clarity of one’s piece of writing.

Now, you will not encounter any difficulties in writing an outline, classifying objects, and structuring your essay. If you follow the given guidelines, you will succeed in composing a wonderful piece of writing without a hassle.

Various Classification and Division Essay Topics

Being aware of the main principles of tailoring classification essays, you may start choosing a topic. Consider a long list of stunning topics for a classification essay presented below:

Business Classification Essay Topics

  1. Effective Financial Strategies
  2. Good and Terrible Chiefs
  3. Business Opportunities
  4. Types of Organizations
  5. International Business Summits
  6. Money Saving Options
  7. Leadership and Its Forms
  8. Peculiarities of Management
  9. Methods of Solving Problems between Employees
  10. New Businesses and Funding
  11. What Is a Good Manager?
  12. Getting a Job in the Business Sector
  13. Business Networks

Political Division Classification Essay Topics

  1. Diversity of Political Parties
  2. Kinds of Voting Algorithms
  3. Means of Holding Dialogues on Political Issues
  4. Kinds of Political Regimes
  5. International Political Institutions
  6. Types of Monarchies Available in the World
  7. Do political activists help build a civilize society?
  8. Career in Politics: Motives
  9. Phenomenal Political Events
  10. Influential Public Speakers

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Classification Essays about Types of Entertainment

  1. Different Styles of Ballroom Dances
  2. Diverse Kinds of Opera
  3. Styles of Latin Dances
  4. Wide Range of Video Games
  5. Musical Epochs in History
  6. Forms of Movie Endings
  7. Variety of Crafts
  8. Popular Movements and Styles in Art
  9. Ideas for Halloween Costumes
  10. Kinds of Careers Artists Usually Pursue
  11. Movies as a Popular Means of Entertainment

Good Classification Essay Topics: Family Ties and Society

  1. Kinds of Packages Designed for Family Holidays
  2. Types of Families all over the World
  3. Different Kinds of Divorces
  4. What Makes Strong Relationships?
  5. Activities that Unite Families
  6. American Cultural Values
  7. Ideas for organizing Family Dinners
  8. How to Strengthen Relationships between Children and Parents?
  9. Different Manners of Saying “Sorry”
  10. Kinds of Holidays
  11. Ways of Building a Strong Community

Topics Related to Sciences

  1. How Life Started: Key Theories
  2. Various Climatic Zones
  3. Big Bang Theory: Facts and Counterarguments
  4. Kinds of Island across the Globe
  5. Diverse Sorts of Bear Species
  6. Type of Tectonic Plates
  7. Considerable Diversity of Dinosaurs
  8. Kinds of Existing Killer Whales
  9. 21st Century – an Era of Renewable Energy
  10. Different Kinds of Rocks
  11. Alternative and Common Sources of Energy
  12. Means of Saving Energy
  13. Theories of Evolution
  14. Various Inventions and Their Influence on People Development

Topics Related to Education

  1. Teaching Methods in the Middle School
  2. Types of Students that Instructors Have to Interact with
  3. The most Popular College Courses
  4. Kinds of College Students
  5. Variety of Educational Systems all over the World
  6. Kinds of Accommodation for College Students
  7. Variety of Extracurricular Activities
  8. Different Means of Paying off Diverse Kinds of Loans
  9. Online Web Resources for Students: Educational Webpages, Online Scholarly Databases, Online Journals, Educational blogs, etc. 
  10. Range of Lectures Students Attend in College
  11. Broad Spectrum of College Majors
  12. Kinds of Schools in the North America
  13. Forms of Colleges
  14. Study resources on the Web: online study platforms, university and library resources, educational websites, educational blogs, online encyclopedias, etc.
  15. Teachers Working in High Schools versus Professors Working in Colleges
  16. Educational Institutions: which to Choose?

Classification Essays on Technology Topics

  1. Various Kinds of Facebook Users
  2. Types of Applications for Cellular Phones
  3. Influence of Online Games
  4. Types of Search Engines Preferred by Users
  5. Social Networks: which One to Choose?
  6. How to Use Diverse Gadgets?
  7. Tablets versus Personal Computers
  8. The most Engaging You Tube Videos
  9. The most Popular Gadgets

Classifications Papers about Nutrition and Healthcare

  1. Losing Weight: the Diversity of Physical Exercises
  2. Efficient Methods for Stopping Smoking
  3. Kinds of Vitamins and Their Effect on People’s Health
  4. Powerful of Treating the Loss of Hair
  5. Widespread Allergies
  6. What Factors Increase the Risk of Heart Attack?
  7. Why Is Earing Different Vegetables Beneficial?
  8. Why Are Different Types of Nutrients Considered Helpful?
  9. Diversity of Diets for Losing Weight
  10. Treating Acne at Home: Different Means to Use
  11. Diverse Means of Coping with Depression
  12. What Are the Ways of Relieving Pain Caused by Arthritis?

Classification Essays on Economics

  1. Various Economic Concepts
  2. Kinds of Economic Goods
  3. International Economic Unions
  4. Different Practices Applied within Monopolies
  5. Kinds of Externalities
  6. Types of Economic Cartels
  7. Different World Trade Corporations
  8. Various Agricultural Trade Unions around the World

Psychology Essay Topics

  1. The Ways Students Behave in Classroom
  2. The Ways Employees Behave at Work
  3. Eating and Autistic Disorders
  4. Kinds of Bullying
  5. Typical Phobias People Usually Suffer from
  6. Men and Women: Have Their Roles Altered?
  7. Kinds of Symptoms of OCD
  8. Different Therapies and Their Role
  9. How to Make a Choice?
  10. Methods of Solving Conflicts
  11. How to Learn to Make Decisions: Fresh Approaches
  12. Stereotypes and Their Influence on Human Consciousness
  13. Means of Communication Used to Solves Disputes at Work
  14. Kinds of Encouragement
  15. Egocentric People
  16. People in the Heavy Rain
  17. People Waiting in the Queue at the Dentist’s
  18. How to Cope with Stress: Different Methods
  19. Types of Mood
  20. Types of Characters
  21. Variety of Emotions and Their Impact on People
  22. Kinds of Facial Expressions and Their Meaning

Finance and Accounting Topics for Classifications Essays

  1. The ideas relating to this area may include the following:
  2. Kinds of Corporations People can Tie up Their Money in
  3. The most Influential Stock Exchanges Worldwide
  4. Forms of Financial Risks
  5. Variety of Stocks
  6. Market Trends
  7. Accounting Ratio and Its Peculiarities
  8. Types of Assets for Business Investors
  9. Indexes Established by a Stock Market: Guidance for Beginners
  10. Real Estate Assets
  11. Specific Features of Diverse Financial Patterns
  12. Accounting Cost: Types and Features

Subjects for Classification Essays in History

  1. 20th Century in Europe: Regimes of Totalitarian Rulers
  2. Constitutional Monarchs: What Are They?
  3. Leading Personalities during World War II
  4. Wars Organized by the USA before the 20th Century
  5. World War I: Involved Countries
  6. Significant Historical Moments in the History if the USA

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Marketing Topics for Classification Essays

  1. Pricing Modes: Types and Peculiarities
  2. Kinds of Market Research
  3. Diversity of Advertisements
  4. Forms of Discounts
  5. Kinds of Consumers

Classification Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Kinds of Resources for producing Academic Papers
  2. Various Fraternities for College Learners
  3. Study Habits the Majority of Students Have
  4. University Students during Finals
  5. Students during the Discussions Held in Class
  6. Different Kinds of Lectures
  7. What Jobs can Learners Apply for?
  8. Types of Roommates
  9. Kinds of Dormitories
  10. Undergraduates in the Library
  11. Numerous Techniques for preparing for Exams
  12. College Tuitions: What should Students Know about It?
  13. Classmates: How to Interact with Different People?
  14. Why Attend (or not attend) College?

Relationship Topics

  1. The First Date: How to Prepare Oneself Properly
  2. Reasons for a Break-up
  3. Merry Couples
  4. Why not Get Married: Men’s and Women’s Points of View
  5. Types of Marriages

Classifications Essays about Sport

  1. Athletes in College
  2. People’s Position on Sports
  3. Types of Sport Fans
  4. Kinds of Coaches
  5. Football, Volleyball, and Baseball: the Players
  6. Popular Summer Games

Classification Essays about Television

  1. Who Goes to the Cinema?
  2. Variety of Sitcoms
  3. Broad Array of TV Shows
  4. The Funniest Trailers, Video Commercials, etc.
  5. Types of People Watching TV
  6. Reality Shows
  7. TV Comedies
  8. Hosts in Talk-Shows
  9. Kinds of Detectives on TV
  10. Movie or Theater
  11. What TV Programs Compete for Prime-Time?
  12. What Kind of TV Programs Occupy the Largest Amount of Airtime?

Topics Relating to the Shopping Sector

  1. Peculiarities of Shop Assistants
  2. How Do People Behave when Doing Shopping?
  3. Online Shopping: What Makes People Buy Specific Goods?
  4. Kinds of Salespeople
  5. Shoppers: Who Are They?
  6. Mall: Endless Variety of Stores
  7. Shopping Models
  8. Considerable Variety of TV Series
  9. Types of Shoppers
  10. Markets versus Shops
  11. Shopping Habits

Funny Classification Essay Topics

  1. Ways of Responding to Jokes
  2. Sound People Make while Laughing

Topics Relating to Music Industry

  1. The most Irritating Songs
  2. World Famous Singers
  3. The Best-Selling Singles
  4. Type of Songs People Listen to on their Phones
  5. Portable CDs
  6. What are the most Popular Musical Instruments?

Classification Essay about Friends

  1. Friends who Need a Helping Hand
  2. Can Colleagues Be Considered Friends?
  3. The Man Kinds of Friends People Usually Have

Classification Essays about Vacation

  1. Forms of Rest
  2. Types of Tourists: Business, Health, Cultural, etc.
  3. The Best Way of Spending Days off
  4. The most Efficient Ways of Spending Holidays
  5. Amusement Parks as a Decisive Factor of Great Vacations
  6. A Visit to a Museum as a Means of Spending Holidays Time
  7. How to Spend Weekends: Useful Advice to Follow

Topics Related to Eating

  1. Organic Food: Types and Features
  2. Regulations on Labeling Products
  3. How to Spend Lunch Time
  4. What Types of Drinks do People Prefer most of all?
  5. Eating Manners in the Café
  6. Giving Tips in a Restaurant: People Attitude
  7. How do the Employees Working in Cafes, Restaurants, etc., Treat Customers?
  8. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Fries: What to Choose from?
  9. Eating Styles: Cafeteria, Pizzeria, Restaurant, etc.
  10. The most Favorite Fruits and Vegetables

Classification Essays about Driving

  1. Kinds of Drivers
  2. Traffic Jams and Motorists
  3. Peculiarities of Road Trips
  4. The most Popular Means of Public Transport
  5. Well-Known Car Trade Marks

Classification Essays about Environment

  1. Diversity of Animals
  2. Kinds of Pets
  3. Different Countries and Their most Popular Pets: Cats, Cows, Dogs, Snakes, tigers, etc.
  4. Environment Policies
  5. Various Means of Protecting the Environment
  6. Ecological Issues and People’s Attitude to Them
  7. Classes of the Inhabitants of Flora and Fauna: Insects, Birds, Flowers, Bushes, etc.

Topics Relating to Buildings and Styles

  1. Forms of Houses
  2. Kinds of Interior Design
  3. Home Decors
  4. Plants: Making Our Apartments Cozy, Sweet, and Lovely
  5. Kinds of Restaurant Decor
  6. Buildings and Their Design
  7. Types of Furniture
  8. Types of Churches

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Classification Essays about Diverse Professions

  1. Types of Gardeners
  2. Writers and Their Styles
  3. The most Celebrated Comedians in the World
  4. Actors: Genres and Styles
  5. Theatrical Performance and Those Playing It
  6. Kinds of Politicians

Classification Essays about Holidays and Gifts

  1. Kinds of Parties
  2. Types of Clubbers
  3. How to Make a New Year Party Memorable?
  4. Christmas Presents: Variety and Difficulty of Making a Choice

Classification Essays about Hobbies

  1. Kinds of Activities to Undertake
  2. Reading Books: Adventure Stories, Detectives, 
  3. What Crafts are the most Popular among College and High School Students?
  4. Diversity of Occupations
  5. Reading Poems


  1. Ways of Making Compliments
  2. Customs and Traditions
  3. Types of Conferences and Seminars
  4. Useful Means of Relieving Stress
  5. Good Practices of Remembering Things
  6. Kinds of Discussions
  7. How to Make People Bored?
  8. Kinds of Frauds: Cheaters, Hackers, Swindlers, etc.
  9. Range of People Going to Church
  10. People’s Attitude to Physical Exercises
  11. How to Cope with Cold or Virus
  12. Efficient Means of Taking Notes
  13. Websites Based on Photos: How to Use Them Appropriately
  14. Consumers’ Behavior in Nerve-Racking Situations
  15. Swimming Modes: which One to Apply
  16. Types of Make-up users
  17. Different Ways of Reading Stories
  18. Peoples’ Attitude to Airplanes
  19. Exercises: to Do or not to Do?
  20. How do People Treat Money
  21. Politics and Its Influence on People
  22. Different Illnesses
  23. Classifications of Countries in accordance with the Density of Population
  24. Categorization of Smokers
  25. How to Deal with Different Types of Neighbors
  26. Clothes: Styles
  27. Outdoor Activities

As is seen, there are a number of essential points one should bear in mind when producing classification essays. However, with the tips provided above, you will not experience any difficulties in composing a solid academic paper. Moreover, by looking through a huge list of topics divided into specific categories, you will be able to pick the one you are interested in without any problems. In case you find writing such type of papers very complicated, you are welcome to Our qualified team can provide you with outstanding classification essay examples written on various subjects.

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