How to Create a Review Article

how-to-create-a-review-article October 26, 2018

Writing a review article is a creative process, and it cannot be completely formalized and concluded in a certain set of rules and recommendations, which are focused on the preparation of different types of reviews. The rationale for the need to write a review is the relevant issue that is supposed to be highlighted in the review article. The author must also understand which category of readers this paper will be targeted.

What Is an Article Review Composition

What is an article review creation sequence? Speaking about review articles writing, scientists single out several stages of this work. Drawing up the plan (content) is one of them. It implies defining aspects of the review topic. Formulating them, we get the preliminary content (structure) of the review article. The stage of marking the contents is completed by a digital or a literal-digital indication so that later, in the course of collecting literature, each source could be identified by an index with the corresponding part of the content, thereby grouping the sources by sections of the review.
The main task of the next stage is collecting materials on the theme of the review. It is necessary to determine the range of bibliographic sources in which the search for the necessary documents will be conducted (catalogs of libraries, Internet search engines, electronic databases, etc.). It is advisable to refer to the index of quoted literature (Science citation index) and sources of secondary bibliography. The sources of the current bibliographic information, periodicals, and continuing editions should be viewed in reverse chronological order, which provides the first identification of new materials.

How to Write an Article Review

In order to write an article review properly, you need to know, that the effectiveness of its creation depends on the quality and scope of the article, the analytical abilities of the compiler, and his or her literary experience. When compiling a review, the author should always keep in mind the functional purpose of the paper (bibliographic, abstract, or analytical). Review is a means of orienting the reader in a documentary or information stream. You must remember these rules to understand how to write an article review.

Types of Analysis

There are three main ways of describing materials, such as inductive, deductive, and methodical. The first way begins with analyzing concrete facts and points of view and goes to their generalizations (from separate to general). It promotes the development of the reader’s synthesizing perception of the material. In the case of a deductive method, the author of the review forms the general rules, regularities, and then the examples reveal and specify the material outlined. Sometimes, these methods can be combined in one review article. In the case of a methodical describing, the material is exploring in the sequence of the objects’ description or methods of their manufacture, design, and so on. The abstract should provide all standpoints on the issue discussed with the maximum objectivity. In the analytical review, in addition to the above-mentioned features, the author's attitude to the viewpoints presented is highly desirable.
Any review should include the introduction (the reason for the review, the reader's appointment) and conclusions. Writing scientific reviews is an art that requires not only basic knowledge about your chosen field but also good writing skills. The review is not just a paper in which some general information about the article is given, but it must be a useful scientific analysis for readers.

Define the Subject of the Review and Its Audience

The topic should be relevant and interesting not only to you but also to a wide range of readers. It makes no sense to write a paper on a trivial topic. Find an article that is relevant to our time and study it. Remember, not all the information presented on the Internet resources is reliable. It is important to use official search services that provide the opportunity to gain access to the scientific publications. It is important to use both classical works and new articles. The information is constantly updated, but it is important to pick out only the verified data.

Writing Style

It is necessary to refer to the text of the article; number citations consistently in the order of appearing in the text. References that relate only to the figures or tables should be numbered according to the first mention of the table or figure. Use charts and diagrams as they simplify the presentation. Make the article more understandable for the reader. Use only standard abbreviations not to mislead the reader. Link your findings with the research purposes yet avoid unjustified conclusions that are not fully supported by facts. It is important to create a summary of the article properly. After all, it is the only part of the paper that is hosted in most electronic libraries and other resources. The summary should reflect the prerequisites for writing the work and its main results. It requires specifying the primary keywords that will allow the reader to pay attention to your article.
Writing a good review is not an easy task, which needs a lot of intellectual investment. Therefore, you must constantly practice. Do not be afraid to make mistakes.

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