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produce-a-business-annual-report September 26, 2018

Which Requirements You Should Follow to Produce a Business Annual Report

A business annual report is quite an unshaped and obscure notion for those who are beginners in the sphere of business. Even some already accomplished business people doubt when identifying the concrete meaning of this term. This document is in charge of representing details concerning ongoing costs spent throughout a year by limited liability partners (LLPs), limited partnership (LPs), limited liability companies (LLCs), and nonprofit organizations to maintain the exploitability of their business. Keeping up with the concepts of the franchise tax, the business annual report is your key to estimating the best profitable decisions and laying out the plan of action for the coming year.

What is a Business Annual Report?

Many people understand a business annual report as a document of Form 10-k that they receive once in a year after a meeting of directors. It happens in case you own shares in a public company. The other misinterpretation considers receiving a paper from a charity organization, summarizing the donated money and projecting details on the subscribed money.
However, there is one more type of a report mandatory for LLP, LLP and LC in the places where these enterprises have been registered. Transaction of business is the aim of this report, and the state agency, which is responsible for business corporations, requests to complete this document. Foreign qualification is a duty of any company whether it is a huge corporation or a startup business.
The report usually contains some concrete information about an organization, the required info may be different for various states and kinds of enterprises. Here are the most frequently asked details:

  • The address of a business.
  • The names and addresses of the managers, directors, shareholders, partners of LLPs or LPs.
  • Office address and the denomination of a registered agent.
  • It is also possible that you will be requested to present data on the number of shares that have been issued by a company.

It is difficult to claim definite fees that a company pays for filling this form because the numbers vary depending on the kind of an organization and a state.

What Does Annual Report Aim at?

Periodic information is also the thing, which is required to be sent to the state office. In some states, businesses do not have to complete such a report each year, more often reports are requested once in two years. Though some details of filling in this form may be different, the motives and grounds do not change.

  1. An annual report gives information on the current state of things in a company. Some information should be accessible publically according to the decision of the state. An annual report provides updated information on the business. Of course, many factors may change during a year. What is more, the corporation may change the place of their office. Another important aspect is that the management may also be changed. The same transformations may happen to a registered agent too. These are the most obvious purposes of the annual business report. 
  2. One more issue is the revenue stream, especially additional ones. The regular profit from selling products or providing services is the info government search for. The reason is that the fees are based on the incorporated income in the process of transaction of a business in a certain state. The document states the sources of revenue for a company.

How to Get the Meaning of Franchise Taxes?

It is all a little bit more complicated than just a tax for franchise. The right understanding suggests that a franchise tax is a privilege that a business obtained from a state to be established and registered. LLC has the powers to function as a corporation that is why the benefit here is limited liability. In other words, a franchise tax is the money an organization pays to the state to get the statutory authority to function legally. The strategy to count the fees depends on a state and type of organization.
The criteria for calculating the franchise tax may be:

  • An income of a business for a certain period
  • Assets
  • Values and number of shares in a corporate stock of a company
  • All the previously mentioned aspects
  • Fixed commission

The location of a corporation influences the franchise tax and the requirements to the annual report. Every state has its own peculiarities considering businesses and their transacted income rates. Some states fix the data of franchise tax and annual report due to the date when the business was set up.

Annual Business Report Template

You may have a look at already completed annual business report templates. However, be aware of what is crucial for your type of organization. So, before you start, it is essential to learn all the requirements called Ongoing LLC Requirements or The Ongoing Corporation Requirements.

Business Corporation Annual Report

The content of the business annual report should necessarily include:

  1. Well, again many things are particular only for some states, and other states request something different. State agency is in charge of regulating the data that should be concluded in the report. Moreover, it is of great importance whether you manage a corporation or limited liability company. 
  2. These are substantial details to insert in your report: the name and address of your business, identification number, personal details and addresses of managers, directors, and agents, number of shares, and, finally, kind of organization.
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