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Peru has an area of 1,285,215 square km and thus it is bigger than Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands combined (Lambert 2010). Peru is a current tourist destination from all over the world. Situated at the middle of South America’s Pacific Coast, the eastern and central part of South America, it provides an experience for tourists who spend on as they visit the neighboring countries such as Chile and Brazil. The most prominent features are the ancient and magical native cultures, the rich diversity of flora and fauna and other mysteries and surprises discovered in the distinguished country’s cultural heritage of the people. Peruvians are friendly and have a number of accessible language majorly Spanish, but most workers in tourism speak English plus other local language for cultural descriptions of their historical possessions, this encourage tourists and travelers to visit. A wide variety of natural and cultural attractions suits the motivations of visitors from many countries.

There are extensive developments in terms of modern facilities in the entries like the airport, and toward the destination for national and international purposes. The airports, with extensively built facilities, facilitate the efficiency of tourism. Tourism has encouraged the Peruvians to preserve their historical, as well as their archaeological interest, colonial architecture, culture and the adventurous natural beauty surrounding the main tourist sites like Cuzco and Chiclayo.

 This project aims to provide immense natural, historical, cultural and socio-economic factors that account for Peru’s tourism attraction and destination and to discover the tourism impacts on Peruvians culture, society, and pinpoints the activities the tourist engages in leading to pull and push factors in the tourism industry and specifically the Chiclayo one of the most visited places in Peru. The pull factors include the marked growth in social and cultural diversity. In addition, the country experienced a social progress characterized with several aspects that encouraged local and international investment. The improvement in social welfare in the nation is another important pull factor. The reduction in poverty rate as well as the increase in the per capita is important factors that led to increased local ad international investment. The country is endowed with many attractive tourist destinations that attract more tourists. However, there are certain conditions that may push tourists and local people out of the country. For instance, the local communities and tourists may be threatened by push factor such as the occurrence of natural calamities, such as, landslides and earthquakes. Terrorism is another social problem that may lead to emigration out of the county and greatly affects the tourism industry

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The natural beauty ranges from, valleys and volcanoes which has a deep adventure with biodiversity and outdoor natural beauty such as the Colca Valley and Colca Canyon of Arequipa, Titicaca the utmost passable lake in the world with its islands, the famous Amazon river and forests, jungle and parks and the Andean sceneries with snow-capped peaks and white mountain range. Its dozen of rivers more than 600 km long provides tourist with recreational activities. National reserves such as Paracas national and Huascaran Park are a natural world heritage target for watching birds as the succeeding country with bird species in the ecosphere and the nature.

 The capital city, Lima is equipped to provide direction to tourists and travelers and has gained the World ancient Cultural Heritage Site recognition in 2009 by UNESCO for its historical centers, museums, pre-Hispanic archeological sites, games, casinos, and multiple cultural shows, folkloric and amusing centers.  In Trujillo, there is Spectacular World biggest mud city, which is colonial architecture, and lineage and a recognized Cultural World Heritage Site by UNESCO together with the old Peruvian civilization work composed of ideal forms of figures and exciting lines in Nazca. There is Living culture Tiahuanaco a folkloric capital near Puno and legendary Aymara settlement. Historical tourism through the archaeological site such as Cuzco- the Huaca La Luna and El Sol. Navigational sports as windsurf, deep-sea fishing and scuba lashing in Paracas and Ballestas islands are prominent activities the tourist enjoy and get a relaxed moment(Michiel 2008).

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 Cuzco with its Spanish styles of creativity in music inherited from the Incas and historical civilizations of empire conquest has the highly considered sorcerers and therapists in Peru northern coast, civilizations, and traditions celebrating up to some 3,000 festivals each year, mystic and mysticism are vastly immense. There is the attractive sacred valley and citadel of Inca Machu Picchu discovered by occidental cultures in 1911 with their deity observations an indispensable part for most tourist destination.

With an expansive geographical region from extensive coasts, valleys, the Amazon and Andes mountain ranges Peru experience variety of climates. The coastal plains are ever dry with intense sun in the summer and misty winter while the mountainous regions and the jungle there is a dry season between May to October and the cold winter from December to March. Its tropical forests are hot and humid, and all this contribute to all time flow of tourists.

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