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For this work, the chosen article is Canadian Feminist Psychology: Where Are We Now?, written by Sharon Boatswain, Nicola Brown, Lisa Fiksenbaum and few others. Article affects the important topic for Canadian society and reflects the current state of female representatives in the field of Psychology. Moreover, the article highlights the relevance and necessity of the presence in programs of universities and institutes courses, which are closely related to the “feminist psychology” or “psychology of the woman”. The article is well structured, so this helps easily reach the necessary information. In addition, it should be said that it is not overloaded with the data and often provides opportunity o make logical conclusions operating the provided information.


The article Canadian Feminist Psychology: Where Are We Now? includes the detailed analysis of data. However, the authors of the article mentioned twice that provided data could not be counted as reliable. Nevertheless, authors used mostly data collecting, data analysis, data comparison and description. Some of results were providing according to the poll. The data retrieved after detailed content analysis of the journals Canadian Psychology, Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science and few others. The Canadian Psychological Association (CPA), the Status of Woman Committee, the Interest Group on Women and Psychology, the Institute on Women and Psychology, provided the powerful contribution.

Discussion and Results

As it was mentioned, the article is well structured. This allows easily excess the interested information. Before the discussion of the topic, the authors provide us with numbers on the issue. According to them, during the last decade the number of women representatives in Canadian Psychological Association has grown. Comparing to the numbers at the beginning (1939) it was 25% and in 2001 the figure was 55%. Therefore, as a result Psychology is becoming a women field of occupation. On one hand, this provides a great opportunity for all women; on the other hand, as a result the value of the education itself is decreasing.

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The next part of the article was devoted to the presence of the Psychology of Women Courses among different universities and colleges. It should be mentioned that, usually such kind of courses were rarely included into curriculum. In addition, about 40% of universities have no courses related to the topic psychology of the women. For instance, university in Ontario listed 53 courses and only one was related to the issue: Topics in the Psychology of the Women. Such numbers are low. In comparison to the data of the Canadian Psychological Association, provided on the survey of 82 members, where the many had never an opportunity to gain knowledge in the field, because there were lack of courses. Accordingly, the percentage of the articles in the magazines is ranging from four to twenty-seven. Moreover, psychological results are mainly based on the experience of the man. This creates the ground for doubt of the theories, which without no understanding are implemented in all cases.

Conference Presentation and Dissertation Survey are the next two part of the article. Mainly the topics for these two activities are matching. Often research are provided on the issue of gender difference, gender role and stereotypes. Other interesting topics relates to the eating disorders and body image. However, according to the article there is lack of researches on working-class women, lesbian, bisexual, queer, transsexual and transgendered individuals.

Personal Reaction

The interest to the psychology of women is growing from year to year. However, it is often the reflection of the political and social situation in the country. As a result, the article, on one hand shows the current state of the society, on the other it reflects the reality and points out, that despite of the century of the proclaimed equality prejudice has not left peoples heads. However, this article can help to create at least the mind map, in order to know where to follow and what to search, no matter, who this will do: man or woman.

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