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Education is responsible for the formation and development of every individual. That is why much attention is focused on the conditions of education with the purpose to increase the productive power of every individual. Education has always been perceived as one of the most essential elements within society, and that is why its value is so high. Nowadays, there appear much more approaches how to improve the current state of education, for instance, better financial support, additional changes in the national curriculum, new alternative methodologies in education, and etc. However, the main aspects that require attention should include student assessment, clarity about the goals of education, and proper curriculum design. 

One of the most widespread problems students face nowadays is the lack of clarity and understanding of what they study. Besides, such a large-scale lack of understanding often results in boredom, passivity, and apathy. If the teacher is able to show the importance of the learning process and the way knowledge should be implemented, then the results of end-of-year exams and further accomplishments of the students would be much better. Many students state that they simply cannot understand the purpose of the things they learn and their further application. The main reasons they give for this usually deal with the way teacher presents material and organizes curriculum design and learning process particularly. Teachers are said to lack convincing abilities, and the way they teach material seems to be extremely dull for the students.  Thus, the danger is that students will be able to cope only with elementary tasks that are based on basic skills and knowledge, and they will hardly cope with some other activities that require application and careful analysis. 

The Curriculum serves as a guide to perform the assessment of learning outcomes at diverse levels, and it also shows how to define the necessary forms and objects of assessment. There should be a strong link between the students’ needs, the defined clear objectives and purposes of teaching, and the strict international ranks of proficiency. Thus, the assessment and evaluation system should be perceived as an integral part of the Curriculum that is created in line with syllabus aims and, surely, requires attention. Furthermore, every student should be assessed according to the same criteria that are applied in order to identify learning purposes, and it should be performed at different times within the course.

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Every course is created to make particular learners that obtain necessary skills deal with a diverse set of tasks and activities. In such a way, every course and education itself contains a strong demand that should be satisfied in order to succeed. This demand has consequently caused a more through and detailed look at the way student evaluation and assessment take place. It is essential to consider both evaluation requirements and specified objectives that are interrelated with the goals of education.

Every learner and teacher can be perceived as investors, as one of their main goals is to see the result and the return of their time and money. Such a tendency has created two different levels of evaluation such as student assessment and course evaluation. Although these two forms of evaluation may appear not very distinct, it is still necessary to pay enough attention to the role of evaluation and its levels. Nowadays curriculum frameworks automatically set up certain expectations that students are expected to meet, and different types of assessment help students top show their deep knowledge and particular skills. The choice of assessment forms is really diverse in modern system of education, and it is possible to choose the best model for particular purposes and learning needs. The combination of different assessment models is believed to be the most productive and efficient in education nowadays. Moreover, assessments help make necessary interpretations of students’ performance and take the required measures in order to improve the results and performance, in case there is an urgent need to do this.

The main types of alignment methods include the Webb, Achieve, and Surveys of Enacted Curriculum methods (Martone & Sireci, 2009). Each method has both pros and cons, and it is believed that the combination of these approaches is the best way out. Webb’s method is one of the most large-scale and detailed approaches as it comprises the analysis of the most important aspects, such as categorical concurrence, depth and range of knowledge the student obtains, and balance of representation. The Achieve methodology, in its turn, deals with the concerns of the particular subject area and consists of 2 stages, such as item level analysis and set-of-items analysis. Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) Methodology show the connection between such aspects as what was taught in the class and how this knowledge and learned material should be applied.

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Student assessment is important as it can help to see the differences in the main methodologies that are applied nowadays and also the reliability of the received results after each procedure and activity. Alignment methodology is the best way to understand the interrelation between such aspects as curriculum standards, instruction, and assessment.

 Both student assessment and the need to teach for understanding are the most crucial questions in the educational system. In order to solve diverse problems that education faces nowadays, it is necessary to look at the roots of all the difficulties and understand the essential role of student assessment techniques and the clarity of the learning process. Students should have not only profound knowledge, but also they should know how to apply these skills and deal with complex tasks and careful analysis.

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