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  • How does job evaluation translate internal alignment policies into practice?

What does (a) organization strategy and objectives, (b) flow of work, (c) fitness and (d) motivating people’s behaviour toward organization objectives have to do with job evaluation?

Job evaluation translates internal alignment policies into practice by blending the internal and external forces, thereby strengthening and resolving challenges that may occur during evaluation. Strategies and objectives are required in job evaluation to help in developing the skills, knowledge and the abilities of an individual. Fairness in job evolution is a strategy that ensures sufficient information required for evolution which is availed, balance is maintained and any form of bias is eliminated.

Fitness is required in job evolution to help to determine the extent to which the employees can work without the work and condition becoming harmful to either their health or safety of other stakeholders.

Generally, motivating people’s behaviour is a critical aspect in job evaluation since it serves as a positive constructive reason for the employees to strive for good work in the future, offer outstanding performance and realize areas that need improvement.      

  • Why are there different approaches to job evaluation?

Think of several employers in your area, what approach would you expect them to use? Why?

Different approaches to job evolution include ranking, classification, factor comparison, point, marketing pricing and combination. Most of the employers in my area would use point method to conduct job evaluation. This is owed to the fact that most present jobs are factor based and grouped according the order or level of performance; it also compels the employers or the ratters to consider all the factors and sub-factors contain in a job. Through such factors, employers would be able to group various jobs into “job groups” for similar pay grades.

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  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using more than one job evaluation plan in any organization?

Using more than one job evaluation plan offers an opportunity for the employers and supervisors to embrace the best technique that is applicable and relevant to the organization based on the job or the situation at a particular time. Secondly, multiple job evaluation technique allows the employers to understand the diversity of the jobs and the practices involved.

Thirdly, multiple job evaluation offers an opportunity for the employers to test various plans in order to evaluate their effectiveness and applicability on various jobs for the purposes of mixing the plans, thereby enabling employers to resolve the challenges of in-exhaustive job evaluation plans.

Disadvantages of using more than one job evaluation plan include exposure to wide fluctuations in compensable job factors and sub-factors, occurrence of numerous disputes in cases where the plans assign are different weightage on the jobs.     

  • Why bother with job evaluation? Why not simply market-price?

How can job evaluation link internal alignment and market pressures?

It is important for the employers to conduct job evaluation instead of relying on market-price; this is particularly based on the fact that aspects such as transparency and fairness on job grading and placement can only be attained through job evaluation. At the same time, job evaluation would allow employers to make comparison between the company and the external job market in many conditions as opposed to market-price.  

Job evaluation can link internal alignment and market pressure by making comparison of the present organization with the external job market. 

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  • Consider your college or school

What are the compensable factors required for your college to evaluate jobs? How would you go about identifying these factors? Should the school’s educational mission be reflected in your factors? Or are the more generic factors used in the Ha Plan okay? Discuss.

Compensable factors are required by the college to evaluate jobs including extraordinary services, goal achievement, length of service, and competencies. First and foremost, competencies will be identified through evaluating the extent to which the employees have learnt new skills and completed certain educational milestones necessary in the job.

Secondly, I would identify the length of service based on their loyalty to the organization (length-of-service) in comparison to other employees in the organization or other similar businesses. Lastly, I would identify the goal achievement by evaluating the extent to which the employees have attained the measurable and time-bound goals that were set by both the parties at the begging of the year.  

The school’s educational mission should not be reflected into my job evaluation factors. This is because of the fact that Hay factors are based on knowhow, problem solving and accountability criteria. These criteria constitute the entire spectrum of what an educational institution focuses on such as mission thereby covering the necessity of incorporating the educational mission in the job evaluation factors.  

  • You are the manger of 10 people in a large organization

All of them become very suspicious and upset when they receive a memo from the HR department saying their jobs are going to be evaluated. How do you try to reassure them?

I would reassure the employees that the purpose of job evaluation is for transparency and fairness. Therefore, the existing employees will not be disadvantaged since none of them would be exposed to salary reduction because of the job evaluation to be conducted.

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