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Chapter 7 has introduced and analyzed a very good topic which affects every one of us. As human beings, we all tend to harm or exploit one another in some way. There are several ways of harming or exploiting each other, but sometimes we are unaware of doing this. That is, sometimes we harm or exploit each other with our deeds without knowing we are actually doing it. This chapter is a must-read not only for a psychologist, but every one of us should go at least through this chapter so that we can learn how to live without exploiting and harming others.

            The chapter has explained in details some of the harms and exploitations people, specifically psychologists, inflict on others. Although it has dealt with other professionals, its primary focus was on psychologists. According to the author, most of the serious harms caused by a psychologist to the clients or patients are also exploitative in nature. This indicates that psychologists should take care on how they handle their clients or patients, because they might end up exploiting them rather than helping them. This chapter has given examples and ways of avoiding harm and exploitation which psychologists should adhere to in order to avoid harming or exploiting their clients or patients.

            The author states very clearly that exploitative acts are harmful, but there is a possibility of a harm occurring where there is no exploitation. In this context, it is good to avoid both although sometimes, we may inflict harm on others unintentionally. The best thing to do for us as human beings is to avoid harming or exploiting others as well as safeguard the rights and welfare of those with whom we interact. As psychologists, we should serve our clients or patients efficiently unless prohibited for some reason. Exploiting or harming them with an aim of benefiting will not do us any good; in fact, it will bleach the APA ethics code. Therefore, psychologists should be competent in everything they do, and they should avoid areas in which they are not competent. 

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            This chapter is recommended for anyone willing to understand ways in which we harm and exploit others and who want to know how to avoid them. According to the chapter, psychologists may harm or exploit others due to poor training, deliberate or predatory motivations, incompetence, lack of experience, lack of enough knowledge, and an adverse life situation resulting in impaired mental health. A clear difference between harming and exploiting has been laid out in this chapter accompanied by real life examples. Although the chapter content seems to be directed to the psychologists, I think it is addressing critical issues which affect everyone of us. Depending on how we relate with one another, we sometimes tend to harm or exploit other people. Therefore, this chapter is good for all students.

            The author has employed simple language which makes it easier to understand the chapter. The description of how to avoid harm and exploitation in a simple language also facilitates the understanding of the subject matter of the chapter. The format employed is excellent as it allows free flow of various descriptions in the chapter. The flow of the ideas in the document is well put, making the chapter easy to read and understand.

            In my own opinion, this chapter is very educative and helps us to understand the connection between harm and exploitation. This topic is very interesting because it helps us understand why we sometimes harm others unintentionally. According to my understanding, the explanations provided in this chapter can help us live well with others and also perform our professional duties in the right manner.

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