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It is vitally important for successful projects that students perceive themselves as a team, not just a group working on different tasks. It is not accidentally that many serious organizations test team building and understanding skills of their employees. The team members should know their complementary skills, common goals, and mutual, not just individual, responsibility. Only a set of such features makes them a real team. Probably, the greatest purpose in team building is the development of a sense of common commitment so that team members feel the power of a collective unit.

My own observations and experiences within the group helped to draw certain conclusion about the small group I was in and its aspects. The main theme in my group was discussion of the future career perspectives and our future plans in general. It was great that the whole group worked and commented all the topics as one entity.

Moreover, I managed to mark out the most important features that should be typical for every group and team work. It is recommended to be rather cooperative, communicative, respectful, and a real team player. Although we acted as one large unit, still every individual was taken into account and no one stepped on somebody’s foot. Everyone got along well.  Working in a team taught how to take the group experience and apply it further. As for me it was mainly related to experiential learning.  I participated actively in the group experience, reflecting on the experience, analyzing and conceptualizing the experience by decision making and problem solving. This task brought much experience in various spheres including an opportunity to obtain certain psychological knowledge, and practice social skills.

 We also discussed our future career stages and came to a conclusion that age and career statuses often serve as indicators of experience, knowledge and authority. For many people professional titles and positions define experience and thus provide certain social status. Besides, many agreed that many young individuals who are only on their beginning stages of career will definitely express a desire to start a mentoring relationship with an experienced person and real professional who is working in the same sphere. It is a great opportunity to get additional knowledge, practice and many useful pieces of advice for certain situations.

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Working in a team is an essential experience nowadays. Team building skills affect your effectiveness and performance a lot. Understanding the basic aspects of team work is favorable for every student as the next stage in our life is to become an employee. Nowadays many organizations pay peculiar attention to team work due to its high effectiveness and capacity to perform tasks better as compared with individuals working on their own. The main task is to create a high performance team. That is why the experience I got in school is definitely very favorable and useful for many future life and career.

I also understood that in order to reach team work success it is required to focus all the team building efforts and activities. Team should work as one big unit and there should be balance between every individual, without any conflicts and serious misunderstandings. It is the task of leader to control these aspects and take care of authority and dominance. The team goals and the means of achieving them should be clear to everyone. All the individuals in the team should follow the same direction. Team leader is responsible for all these team work issues.

One more valuable and important notion of the team work is authority. It is never recommended to neglect the influence both of the formal and informal authority on the group. In my group those who were perceived advanced and excellent in particular subjects and aspects were often looked to for opinions on the group’s tasks. There was also such a student in my group and his opinion was highly appreciated. Besides, he constantly showed initiative and it served as a sense of relief for me because my assumption was that he would start the group off on the right foot. Such behavior proved the importance of leader in every group regardless of its size.

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As a conclusion of my group observation I can state that team work is a very important element of every organization. Effective leadership is required in order to unite all the members in the group and make them follow similar direction. Moreover, I have observed and analyzed the relation between experience, knowledge and student performance. However, there can always be some disconfirming evidence that proves the constant development and change in every group. Besides, helping behavior between team members is often defined as the most important factor. Naturally, the given course should provide knowledge that helps to the team members to develop group norms which encourage helping behavior. Such behavior encourages effective cooperation. Only when students develop the team integration, proper cooperation occurs among them. For this purpose students should understand that cooperation exists when individual efforts are integrated to achieve common aims.

In my opinion it is far better to work within a team than choose some individual study. Such an activity helps to analyze and process more material even of a very large volume. It is vitally important for successful projects that students perceive themselves as a real team, where every point of view is considered, and not just a group where all the members work on different tasks.

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