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The Boiling Frog Theory on Population

The boiling frog theory on population relates the issues associated with the human population growth to boiling a frog alive. The theory states that a frog placed in boiling water will jumps out, but if placed in cold water then gently heated to boil the frog will boil to death without jumping out. The story is metaphorical to the human inability to respond to the gradual changes taking place on earth (Hamer, 2009).

Frog in Boiling Water as Metaphor

The theory likens some of the world developments that we perceive as beneficial to the reaction of the frog when the water gets warm. Inventions came as mankind tried to make better war equipment. This follows the necessity to fight for the little resources available to support the growing population. The initial cause of all the problems is food sufficiency that followed the Totalitarian agriculture. Like many other creatures, people’s reproduction rate is proportional to food production. Therefore, as Totalitarian agriculture yielded more, population growth increased (Quinn, 1997). The result is distress signified by the emergence of several factors as discussed below.

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It started with a formation of states aiming to form an armed defense and aggression. Military needs called for technological advancement in order to equip soldiers with the best weapons. Wars followed soon then crime after people devised writing techniques. Distress on people led to the emergence of religions that gave people hope for the future. Religions promised them salvation. Time came when the powerful exploited the rest of the world through colonialism. As life became hard and people struggled to make ends meet, they exploited the natural resources leading to extinction of several animal species (Quinn, 1995). These features imply the validity of the theory.

Novel "The Story of B" by Daniel Clarence Quinn

Recent signs of distress include famine and plague and exploitation of the poor for their labor. The entire world economy has collapsed as the human population divides in to two, the rich and the poor. Like the frog that boils to death, the human community is facing death for failing to react to the gradual changes in the world. However, it is difficult to guess what the world holds for the future generations (Hamer, 2009). The boiling frog theory is thus a complete picture of what we go through. Additionally, it indicates the human responsibility for the catastrophic occurrences experienced today.

Analysis of a Destination Slavery
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