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“Treat others as you would want to be treated” is this really working in today’s world. In some cases, this rule can be seen as if someone strikes you on one cheek - turn to him the other also, because aggressiveness is hard to win by politeness or silence. Also, there are lots of egoistic people and helping such persons, someday can be discovered that everything is done for them. There are such situations when for the win the one should be rude, aggressive. If you meet a thief, should you be polite with him/her, because you always stick to the Golden Rule? Is this rule should be used in every people interactions.

"The Golden Rule of Morality" is general ethical rule, which can be formulated as "Treat others as you would want to be treated". The Golden Rule has been known from religious and philosophical doctrines of East and West since ancient times and it is still the basics of many religions of the world. So long life of this rule without any changes gives clear understanding of its uniqueness, truthfulness and creditability. The main purpose of it is to help people to live in harmony with each other, with nature and with whole world.

In contrast to many other universal truths, the “treat others as you would want to be treated” should be understood very literally. Nobody likes when someone is rude to them? when ones are yelled, resented, criticized, hit? when someone is forgotten, poorly tended, ignored in the company? when no one call to interest how are they doing? when ones are deceived and betrayed? when someone gossips and throws sand in the wheels? when ones are not paid the salary and fired without any acceptable reason? when ones are distrust without any reason? when someone are denied with love and respect? Of cause not, and anyone would never meet a person who do like it. Then why? Why does everyone know how everything should be, but always do opposite?!

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In today’s world everybody is hurrying and not always pays attention and notice how one’s behaviors, words, actions hurt people around, especially close people, relatives. Acting in such way can bring the person to the loneliness and unhappiness, which would lead to the one’s destruction of personality, career, family and life. Any person cannot be alone, everyone needs attention, care, love. Alone man would wither away, lose the most valuable thing in his/her heart, simply because he had no one to share it with.

Today very interesting opinion exists about the universe’ statement: everything you do, talk and think would be done for you someday. Therefore this means that the way of life the person lead would never change if nothing changes in the way he/she acts. You were hurt, means that one time you had hurt someone the same way and the universe give it back to you. Making only good things to people around, nature would prevent to the positive changes in your life.

The first time I saw the Golden Rule was in my elementary school. Several teachers that taught me had posters with the Golden Rule of Morality posted above their desk, so I read it every day. As I saw the poster with the words every day before my eyes and every day I tried to act with the people around in such way. There was one person in our class; he has never been a person with whom everyone wanted to be friends. He always set in the back of the classroom, no one wanted to talk with him and even when my class played some games in groups, he always appeared alone. One day after I have read in a thousand times the Golden Rule I decided to make some changes, when my class played I choose this boy as a partner. Everyone was stunned. The boy was happy and smiled all day. In two days the family of this boy moved into another state and I have never seen him again. However I would always remember his smile and his thanks. Since that time I try always to keep in mind the Golden Rule of mankind: “Treat others as you would want to be treated”.

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The best example of this Golden Rule usage was shown by the Abraham Lincoln, who was the 16th President of the United States. It is known that he was very smart, intelligent, polite and honest. Therefore it is necessary to add that he used this rule every day and every minute of his life. He knew every person that lived in the White House, he also knew the names of their families, their problems and hobbies. He always tried to help everyone even just by a good word. Every time he walked in the garden he met different people, but he stopped, greeted and had a short talk with them. Everyone was honored that they had such president and when Lincoln has even a little problem everyone wanted to help him. In today’s world I cannot name any famous person who is acting the same way. I am very proud that Lincoln was the President of the USA and I dream to be even just a little like he and I believe that if everyone would use the rule: “Treat others as you would want to be treated” the world would became better and happier.

A human’s life is a huge responsibility before themselves. Everyone can choose their own path and do not disturb others to do the same. Everyone can develop their talents and succeed only if one would learn, grow with patience and loyalty to others. Life is boring without close friends, hobbies and interests. I think the Golden Rule: "Treat others as you would want to be treated " - is a universal rule for all occasions. If everyone would put themselves in other’s shoes, there would be less pain and unhappiness in the world. And if all understand this and put this rule into the practice and day to day life, then the life get better. Everyone likes when people around are good to him/her, therefore let’s smile to the world and it would smile in return.

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