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Music is a beautiful and connecting language that is understood by all, has no boundaries and spreads love. For the love of music, allies and friendships can be formed and a certain level of understanding reached. Jazz music is a melodious and carefully crafted genre that speaks to the soul. Jazz performers have a way of communicating with their audience and listeners and getting them to be a part of their music.

Ella Jane Fitzgerald (April 25, 1917 – June 15, 1996) was an exceptional and classical jazz and song vocalist.  Her first recording titled “Love and Kisses” in 1939 sold out moderately. According to her official website, “Her voice was flexible, wide-ranging, accurate and ageless. She could sing sultry ballads, sweet jazz and imitate every instrument in an orchestra” (para. 2).

Ella possessed the technique of writing music that reflected the literal meaning of the song. She could follow the stanzas and go up with the lyrics that needed an ascending scale as well as toning it down, deep and low with lyrics that were sad and needed to be stressed. Her voice was strong and captivating hence for Ella expressing her emotions and the real meaning behind her lyrics was possible and she did it well.

In the song found on You tube “If you ever change your mind” (2012), the word “low” goes down a low note, “no one else means a thing to me” is a rising figure, “endless eternity” forms a peak in the melody, “good bye” is stretched to a rapid figure of three different notes whereas the last “If you ever change your mind” is extended over several measures in a series of long notes and a high pitch.

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Ella’s interpretation of her lyrics gives her music an appealing force that pushes it to be a message that is being sent to someone hence her music has a meaning; it is just not a song but a means of communicating. The vocals give her voice a quality intonation making her sound reverberate and be more than a source of entertainment.

Celine Dion is a magnificent contemporary artist. Her multiple genres ranging from pop to dance to rock and adult contemporary keeps her music in touch with people of all ages. Since the kick start of her career in 1980, Dion keeps improving and proving that she is an artist that is worth her salt.

The song “My heart will go on” which became the theme song of a great romantic movie based on the sunk ship of dreams-the Titanic after which the movie was named; is a phenomenal song. There is no limit to the number of times one can listen to it and every time fall in love again. The lyrics, the vocals and her strong voice merge together and boldly right from the beginning of the song it is engaging and captivating.

In the song found in YouTube “My heart will go on” (2008) the word “between us” is dragged and “go on and on” stretches several octaves, “forever this way” goes up on a high pitch and towards the end of the song, the voice quiets to a hum while the instrumentals strum to come together with an impressive and longstanding ending.

Through the use of engaging such emotional peaks in her music, Dion gets a grip over her listeners. The way her melodious voice merges well with the instruments always gives her an upper hand in controlling her expressions using her music. Her multiple awards and record sales topping 200 million albums worldwide make her the bestselling female artist of all time. The use of both the English and French languages fluently aids Dion in commanding her music and keeping her at the top of the charts-where she belongs.

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