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This art work represents the photograph of cotton sharecropper Floyd Burroughs, which was done by Walker Evans. The photograph is located in Wexner Center for the arts; it is in an exhibition known as More American Photographs. The location of the photograph influences the way people understand it since it is located in an exhibition that shows photos indicating America’s history. In case the photograph was put in another location, people could have a different understanding. The exhibition, in which, the photograph is located shows photographs indicating the historic era of a depression in America. The art work is found in a gallery; I think it is located there since the photograph is an art work, which fits well in an arts’ exhibition. Moving the art work outside the exhibition will not change the images contained in the photograph and the interpretation will not change. Thus, this implies that there will be no change, when the art work is moved outside. If the walls of the gallery had a different color, then there will be a variation in contrast in the art work. Take, for instance, changing the color of the gallery to red or Yellow may change the agreement of the colors in the background, which will change the element of value in the art work.

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This art work was made in order to depict how the government had neglected poor farmers and the extent over which poverty had faced farmers during the great depression era. The artist is trying to bring to attention the challenges faced by poor farmers as a result of government negligence in carrying out its role; further, the government did not distribute resources equitably leading to the poor conditions of cotton farmers (Godden, 2006). The person in the art work is a cotton farmer. The artist used him to indicate the challenges faced by such farmers; in this case, the cotton farmer was used as a representative of the poor farmers, who did not have a say in the government. During the time when this work was made, there was an enormous economic problem since the society was facing the great depression (Regan, 2010). The interpretation of the art work may become influenced by others; for instance, a group of scholars may have a different interpretation that may lead to the adoption of the interpretation.

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The photograph has a dark background, which shows the use of contrast element in bringing out a clear relation of the image and the background. Although the background is dark, the front view is brightly colored, which creates harmony in the art work. The use of black and white color has made the image to have a clear view. The man in the photograph has unkempt clothing, which is an indication of the status he is living in; that is, the man lives in poverty. The man has ill looking eyes with slightly closed eyelids, which indicates dullness and hard feelings he is experiencing. The man has a light colored shirt, which depicts a scintilla of hope that he has in excelling in life in the future. Almost in the background, there is a checked, dark curtain; it is an indication of the wrecked and problematic life that the man is facing. The dark color in the background is an indication of the hard life that the man has experienced in the past, while the bright color in the front view is an indication that the man has a hopeful and a bright future. The photograph does not have any other person except the man, which is an indication that the man lives in solitude since there are no neighbors or something like a house to suggest the presence of neighbors. The man seems to have a hard face, which is an indication that he is not in a good mood. Besides, the man’s dark eyed nature depicts the despair he is facing and discontentment implying that he contemplates on how to counter the despair he is going through. Furthermore, the man has curled mild dark hair, which depicts that the man is healthy; otherwise, if the hair color is brown, there could be an indication that the man is unhealthy.

In the photograph, movement is well indicated by the lines in the curtains. The curtain has lines that crisscross each other as they flow in the opposing directions. The shirt that the man is wearing is tattered and has threads flowing in the same direction. The movement in the art work is further illustrated by the eye movement of the man. Despite the location, in which, the viewer looks at the photograph, the eyes go in all directions. However, the art work does not move in any way.

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Therefore, this art work describes the hard economic time, in the history of America, when the nation experienced the Great Depression. The man in the photograph is a representation of poor farmers, who experienced problems during that time. The dark background on the photograph is an indication of the worse economic times that America faced during the Great Depression (Regan, 2010). It represents the plight of poor farmers during the moment. The depressed face of Floyd Burroughs is a depiction of how poor cotton farmers became depressed during the period of the Great Depression. During that period, every poor farmer was highly determined to get out of the hard economic challenges; however, the economic environment was not favorable making poor farmers incapable of changing their economic status. The photograph indicates solitude life since there are no neighbors around Floyd Burroughs. This shows how the poor farmers were neglected during the Great Depression era (Godden, 2006). The bright color in the front view of the photograph is an indication of the hope that the poor would have after the end of the Great Depression. The bright color indicates the evolution of the New Deal. The evolution of the New Deal gave poor farmers some hope of changing their status. Although the poor farmers became neglected during the Great Depression period, the New Deal gave them some hope of becoming involved in the government.

An art work describes something generated to express or enhance an individual’s views. It is usually eye catching and makes people try to imagine the real message that the work tries to communicate. The photograph of Floyd Burroughs is an art work since it is a representation of Walker Evans’ views. This photographer has used the photograph as an art work in order to express some ideas during a period in the America’s history. Besides, the photograph is an art work since it attracts the attention of an observer. I like the art work since it has various elements of art incorporated in illustrating it. For instance, the art work uses line, form and color; these three elements of art come out strongly in the photograph. In addition, I like the art work due to the creativity employed in the photograph; there is an excellent arrangement of images in the photo, which brings out harmony. The photographer has brought out different aspects such as poverty clearly through the art work. The clear depiction of ideas in the art work makes the analysis of the ideas in the art work easy.

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