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The Harlem’s Museum is quite famous nowadays. It is a great pleasure to visit it. Jerome Meadows, Raul Acero, and Paul Gardere are young perspective and independent artists who participate in amazing shows. These artists prefer to use different materials. The art work has an air flow of multiple desires. It suggests a view that humanity is not a single substance. It is a relative composition of different and often conflicting cultures, experiences, and feelings. All artists, including Paul Hardere, believe in magic and spirituality. Their works have a strong political dimension.                                                                      

Each artist has to do with identity. In Meadows’ wood and sculptures of stone, each vital and waved creature, anguine man force, and flexible woman force are able to wild various reactions. Acero builds fragile, pristine, and amazing figures of wood and earth. He exploits ceramic techniques for different cultures including Arabic and Roman. He uses time from antiquity to the present day. His mixed-area works consist of balls of mud. It proposes black bombs, black globes, and black Earth. Paul Gardere seems to be definitely sure about his real existence. Gardere’s works are highly physical, mixed, and immediate. Many of them include the black mud and thick rope wrapped around the black faces. It raises the question of how to live proudly, how to set goals in terms of permanent exile and alienation.   

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The ejection in Gardere’s works can be both artistic and political due to the recent troubled history of his homeland (Cubist collages). One of his works shows dirty figure of a black man surrounded by light witty biographical drawings. The artist did it a long time ago, and now, it has little relation to the style and tone of today's art. In another work, Gardere surrounds a mud figure of a black man with his son’s drawings, whose cultural heroes are Batman and Superman. Clearly, they are not the heroes of his childhood. Dirty heads and figures can be passive (dark, anonymous, and bleak), but they are also energetically modeled. Many of his works, including "Tempest in the Mind", involve dirt in developing watercolor portrait of a young man. The work includes rope, which provides imprisonment and lynching. The thick rope used by Gardere comes from Haiti, where rope is identified with bonding. Also, it is related to religion. Nature and the spiritual traditions of his native country hold Gardere’s work together.                                                                                                                   

Nature and the spiritual traditions also hold together in Raul Acero’s work. Acero’s wood and ceramic off-line figures are inspired by the Boriquean Santos. He used Saints wooden figures as divine objects. Ceramic heads may include small images of fish and birds, which belong to the spiritual beings of the Santeria religion. It is quite ardently to imagine that his imaginary creatures seem to be alive and functional. His "Figure with head of clouds" is about seven feet tall. Motionless hands and sticks in the body shape are in the position of dance. The head shape looks like a fish face on both sides. The body is covered with colorful ceramic shards that give shape a mosaic shimmer. There is a sense of tribulation here. Acero's objects are pieced together with dividing parts. The ceramic or plaster heads seem impaled on their wood bodies. The ceramic sharp pieces create a sense of cutting and lameness. Although the artist’s works are highly gentle and refined, the public may observe violence in them. There is a sense that spiritual ecstasy and physical suffering are inseparable.  

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The sculptures of Jerome Meadows are the most whimsical works in the show. They have an edge.  His works were inspired by the dreams of Armageddon. Thousands of ladders in a huge crater were possessed by different personalities. A ladder with the shapely outline of a female body stands on one leg. When people move around the sculptures, the ladder starts dancing, running, and teasing. Both ladder and snake become a part of a courtship that seems eternal. The persuasion of these sculptures depends on a feeling for materials. The artist uses various kinds of wood. He conceives the tree as a woman. He includes redwood, oak, and nut tree. Each work is based on marble. The stone for an artist is a male. He combines different types of trees with skillful and sometimes poetic self-will. The elements of depravity and naughtiness always are presented in the art throughout the show. It is a skill to penetrate into the essence and transformation.

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