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The song "Give me one reason" by Tracy Chapman is full of wistfulness, an emotion that knows no time limit and makes this song a classic. Each of us can see ourselves speaking the lyrics of this song to someone we hold dear and don't want to loose. The song reemphasizes the idea that love and successful relationships are in our powers and every individual has an opportunity to fight for his/her love. It is easy to imagine myself saying the words, "But you got to call me", to someone that I hope shares my love. We all want our loved ones to give us reasons to stay in the relationship, even if there is a legitimate reason for leaving.

The song is full of contradictions, and through the use of hyperbolic and metaphorical language it is able to establish the contradictory reality of love. "I don't want no one to squeeze me, they might take away my life." Undoubtedly, the author does not believe that one could die from a squeeze. Instead, through this sentence, she portrays the negativities of a love relationship. We all want to be loved, yet some of us loose ourselves in the whirlpool of this strong emotion and fail to maintain our identities. For the author, identity loss is equivalent to death concluding that love can be ones enemy if it is left to run its course wild. She continues saying, "I just want someone to hold me and rock me through the night." By hoping to have someone to rock her through the night, the author in reality is hoping to have someone to share her bed. The word choice "rock me through the night" can be seen as an allusion to the famous nursery rhyme Rock-a-bye Baby, thus hinting that the author is looking to find a caring and devoted person in her partner. It is possible that the author seeks to find a motherly figure in her partner who will love her dearly and never be capable of hurting her. 

The next few lines continue the theme of love's contradictory nature. The author says "This youthful heart can love you and give you what you need, But I'm too old to go chasing you around." The author seeks to make a statement regarding her physical and mental age. She does not dispute her obvious physical youth, but rather she disputes the expectations that come with her youth. The author wants to make sure that a clear distinction is drawn between her physical and mental maturity. By saying that she is too old for love chase, she creates a gap between her physical and mental age, and while she understandsthe value of chase, she ignors the possibility  that chase depends on the age of love, rather than its participants. 

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The author also uses structural techniques to emphasis herself. She uses repetition of small phrases to strengthen her main points. By doing so, the author automatically creates a distinction between the repeated and non-repeated words. Those that are repeated seem to carry the main meaning, while the rest create a supporting story for her plea."Give me one reason to stay" and  "Call me baby" are the most repeated phrases in the lyrics and they themselves are enough to get the author's message across. 

In a a sense, the lyrics are a farewell plea for recognition of the love that the author experiences. It is itself a form of chase that the author is so tired of. The reason that I chose this song is its relevance to my story. When I was a teenager, I wrote a story called The First Love of My Teenage Life. I, like the author of these lyrics, wanted to have a two-sided relationship and recall writing the story with the assumption that my beloved was going to reading it. The story was a conversation that revealed my deepest feelings and desires. I hoped he would find the paper accidently on my desk or hear about it through a friend of mine. I never thought I would have the author's courage to tell it myself. As an adult, I have realized that we don't change much as we grow up. We still hope for a passionate relationship where we can read each others' minds with a single glance. I applaud the author's attempt to talk about her feelings and expectations and believe that the shame that has been attached to self-expression in regards to love is responsible for many failed marriages.

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