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Impressionism is a form of art that swept other painting styles of the 19th century. As an art, it was rejected by the public for the first time. Since then it is considered one of the most influential styles during all the history of painting. This paper will deal with notions of impressionism, its radical views and public opinion. Also we will demonstrate some examples of impressionistic works including Paul Gaugin, and Armand Guillaumin.

First of all, impressionism is an expression one`s artistry and his or her perception of the world. First impressionist sculptors and painters had radical views. They broke the rules of classical painting being the new generation of artists. In 19th century, Academy of Fine Arts where leading art centre that dictated its views to others (Jessica Gunderson, 11). The rejection of standards by young painters was perceived as non artistic methods. Their paintings where criticized and forbidden to be shown on the public. Later it was accepted as an art. Nov it is regarded realism according to the state of mind and perception of world itself. Now it has a big influence on the movements, such as post-impressionism, modern and Cubism.

On the example Paul Gauguin, we can see a great post-impressionistic style of painting. Gauguin, after his work in impressionistic manner, changed his style that made him one of the most influential postmodernists of the 19th century (Adam G. Klein, 5). In one of his paintings called The Yellow Christ, Gauguin represents his vision of Japanese art. This work is full if quasi-religious elements that he researched while being to Polynesia.

 On the other painting Afternoon Tea or On the Terrace by Eva Gonzales, we see the classical impressionism. This work resembles Manet works, but has a distinct style of Gonzales.

Another representative of impressionism is Armand Guillaumin. He was exhibited with impressionists, but primary he is regarded as a post-modernist (Nathalia Brodska%u013Ca, 28). In his works, such as Landscape, 1870, he, with the help of colors transfers warmth and tranquility.

To sum up, we can say, that impressionism, as an art was not ordinary approved with the public. But later it opened new horizons in painting and sculpture. It gave to the world many great artists, including Gauguin, Eva Gonzales and Armand Guillaumin.

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