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Music refers to an artistic expression which uses sound as the medium. There are several elements of music which include dynamics, pitch, volume, rhythm, melody, harmony, and tempo. Etymologically, the term music originated from a Greek word mousike which means art of muses. Music is used for various purposes depending on cultural influences and the people involved. The most common uses of music include celebrations, religious ceremonies, artistic expressions, and entertainment. Music is arranged by sequence of notes which are formed into chords. Music chords are grouped into a progression which forms the base for most pieces or songs. Messiah is a sacred English oratorio which was composed by George Frederic Handle in 1741. Charles Jennens compiled the piece from the bible, King James Version and gave it to Handle from composition and production. This song has various elements of music as described below.

First and foremost, Handel, G.F. - Messiah, "Hallelujah" chorus has a melody. Melody refers to the tune of a piece or song of music. It is the memorable tune produced by playing a series or succession of pitches. The melody is an immediate element of music a person obviously notices when a song starts. The melody of this piece is memorable, and that is why it has remained popular since 1741. A melody is composed of various musical phrases. Phrases in Hallelujah chorus are separated lines which are easily discernible from harmony elements.

Harmony is evident in Messiah, "Hallelujah” chorus. It is the combination of chords and the relationship between various chords played together. Harmony in this piece supports and accompanies the melody. Hallelujah is a musical texture as a result of simultaneous chords which are played behind the melody. The harmonic line in the chorus undergirds the melodic line as several pitches sounds at the same time.

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Rhythm is the placement or pattern of beats and sounds in music. The rhythm in this chorus is defined by meter, tempo, and beats. It represents the agreement of note lengths. The piece has a polyphonic texture since there are various melodic lines. Beats and meter elements make the piece interesting. The beats provide it with a regular rhythm. The meter is brought about as weak, and strong beats are combined to produce rhythmic patterns. Duple, triple, and quadruple beats measures are evident in this piece.

Hallelujah chorus has elaborate instrumentation. Various instruments have been used perfectly in the chorus making it triumphant, majestic, regal, and strong. The author used English language to pass the message. The musical instruments give the chorus its color. Therefore, the timbre element which is the tone color in music is evident. It refers to the sound quality which distinguishes one instrument or voice from another. Timbre in Hallelujah chorus ranges from bright to dark and lush to dull. The genre of the piece is oratorio written in English.

In conclusion, music is the artistic expression which uses audio communication. It incorporates vocal toners or instruments in a continuous and structured manner. It is a harmonious and pleasing sound which is used for various purposes such as entertainment, celebrations, and religious ceremonies. There are various characteristics of music which are common in most songs or pieces. Handel, G.F. - Messiah, "Hallelujah" chorus is a historical sacred song which has several elements. They include: melody, rhythm, texture, timbre, instrumentation, meter, beats, and harmony.

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