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Lady Gaga (real name Stefani Joan Angelina Germanotta) is a famous American singer and songwriter. Her native city is New York, where she was born on March 28, 1986. Lady Gaga is sheer contradiction, unimaginable asexual creature and chief freak of the modern world, who overshadowed everyone. Her rareness, originality, extravagance in behavior, music and fashion are effects of internal restlessness in mind and soul. Her passion for music is evident from the first years of life: at the age of four she has already played the piano, repeating the tune and singing along while hearing tape recordings of Madonna and Michael Jackson. Future artist inherited this passion from her father, who was a musician and played in several small coastal ensembles, and modern compositions were always heard in the house. As a teenager, she wrote her first song. In addition to singing songs, future famous pop star actively took part in the theatrical life. Her songs are full of challenges, rebelliousness; her videos are struggles with accepted standards of the society; her fashion is a demonstration of the contradictory inner world. According to Goodman (2010), “Lady Gaga could be interpreted as a freak, something unusual and unacceptable; however she is a talented woman, who gained attention and recognition of the whole world” (p. 199).

Lady Gaga’s looks are futuristic, unconventional and do not meet the standards. People can see a scantily clad artist in the music video “Just dance” that shows Gaga’s difference with her fashion manner. Lady Gaga’s fashion is an illustration of human self-expression. Fashion is something she revels in her art and life. Gaga feels that music is a part of an art, which is always connected with fashion, human position and abstract expression. The musician states, “I need fashion for my music, and I need music for my fashion” (Cady, 2012, p. 23). Lady Gaga’s looks are universal and remarkably individual. Lady Gaga wears masks on concerts, videos and in presenting awards. She puts on planetary rings around the head, and designs the face in a manner that reminds bird nests. Her desire to hide the face or to demonstrate all the beauty of her body by opened dresses, suits, or even wearing bacon dress could be considered contemporaneously as extraordinariness and fear to be usual. The artist is ready to transform everything in her wardrobe (shoes, hats, sunglasses, gloves, tights and stockings) into shocking elements of Gaga’s trendy and futuristic outfit.

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“Telephone” is the third song of the debut album, recorded with participation of the American R & B singer Beyonce. Nevertheless, lyrics demonstrate that the singer just does not want to answer the calls from her lover. However, there is a deeper sense of the music video: “Telephone” relates to mind control, a hidden practice, which is used by the military. Musically, the song is written in a fast pace, with explosive choruses and double bits. The music video for the song was a continuation of the previous singer’s video “Paparazzi”, and was filmed in the style of a mini-movie. “Paparazzi” is representing Gaga’s role of a programmed slave to kill her boyfriend. The music video “Telephone” continues this story, where she is imprisoned for her crime. The elements from the style of Quentin Tarantino’s movies as “Kill Bill” and “Pulp Fiction” were used in this music video. In the video, the “telephone” is a symbol of Gaga’s disconnection from reality. Singer brain is a non-answering telephone that is shown from her looks: a hat in a form of the telephone (she ignores calls, which symbolizes dissociative mind state) and the telephone receiver, which is made of hair (a symbol of erudite mind control).

In the prison Gaga is chained up and wore sunglasses that are made of lit cigarettes. The cigarettes, which covering her eyes demonstrate singer’s blindness of her spoiled life as a mind monitored object. The following episode, where a phone call interrupted Gaga’s busy working is a metaphor of slavery and obeying the orders. Gaga then escape from the prison with the help of Beyoncé. Inside the car, they had a strange conversation that sounded as a talk of programmed slaves. Two ladies arrived in an old-fashion café, where Beyoncé poisoned a hero played by Tyrese Gibson in the moment when Gaga brought poisoned honey to kill the customers. The process of human poisoning represents harmful influence of media on the masses. The accent, made on bees and honey, signifies artists’ music and videos which are provided to the general audience through mass media. While the customers are spoiled by the honey, Beyoncé wearing the Mickey Mouse sunglasses from the music video “Paparazzi”, where its wore Gaga while killing her boyfriend. In both videos, this element emphasizes the fact that the singers are mind-controlled slaves to kill people. Nevertheless, Mickey Mouse designs are often interpreted as a symbol of mind control, perhaps because of Disney’s cartoons, which were used for programming the slaves. The musicians then were dancing in patriotic looks surrounded by dead people. Lady Gaga states, “The idea that America is full of young people that are inundated with information and technology and turn it into something that was more of a commentary on the kind of country that we are” (Cady, 2012, p. 24).

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Lady Gaga’s songs reflect an endless stream of critical urban experiences, forbidden and dangerous: drinking, dancing and numerous parties. However, her videos have deep meanings and express the challenge to the world. Lady Gaga’s debut album “The Fame” made four songs popular at once. The songs “Just Dance” and “Paparazzi” occupied the first positions in various charts. “Paparazzi” was written in order to reflect her desire for fame. It is a mid tempo, dance song, the lyrics of which show the situation when someone is compulsively pursued to get attention and fame. Music video of the song shows Gaga as a fatal starlet pursued by photographers and in the process nearly killed by her boyfriend. The video represents severe relationships between celebrities and paparazzi. Lady Gaga noted that fame is created by the troubled relationship; she emphasized that musician is not a form of performance art, but accomplished artist. Gaga’s songs are examples of visual and sensory music, which have to be seen and felt.

In her interview to Rolling Stone Lady Gaga states:

“It has a real, genuine, powerful message about fame-whoring and death and the demise of the celebrity, and what that does to young people. The video explores ideas about sort of hyperbolic situations that people will go to in order to be famous. Most specifically, pornography and murder. These are some of the major themes in the video.” (Kreps, 2009, p. 34).

The singer is dressed in various costumes, one of which is the image of Minnie Mouse and gorgeous glasses. The singer is dressed in a yellow jumpsuit printed with the little faces of famous cartoon mouse. Gaga’s look symbolize mind-controlled slave who is pursued by paparazzi. The main moment of the video is poisoning Gaga’s boyfriend, when she put on sunglasses, she closed herself from the outside world. In “Paparazzi” singer explores the problems of celebrities and the media. She states that society is more observant of fame than the real world. In this music video, Lady Gaga emphasizes the fact that celebrity can have either love or fame, but not these two things together.

Lady Gaga’s music video “Born this way” represents the audience the birth of something new, using complicated imagery. The video is a trip full of occult and archetypal symbols, which shows the formation of the new world. The symbolism of “Born this way” hides the main theme, which wanted to demonstrate the singer: motherhood. However, the lyrics of the song contain a special accent on homosexuality, but the video is beyond the object of sexual orientation. The birth of the new race is represented by changes of the human mind and is visualized by scaring facial horns, which Lady Gaga got on her forehead. Hence, the esoteric characters in the video show changes of the world, which is an alchemical process. The video begins with two symbols: a unicorn that is situated inside a triangle and Gaga’s mask at the back of the head. The first is a symbol of purity and enlightenment; its horns are often considered as the union with God. Besides, the unicorn is situated inside the inverted triangle, which symbolizes awaiting birth. The second is a symbol of the programmed alter-personalities (porcelain masks were used to program the slaves). As well, the butterflies in “Born this way” symbolize Monarch programming. Mind-controlled slaves, who created alter-persons, represent butterflies appearing from the cocoon. The process, showed in the music video, is meant to produce something new and pure, the difference between good and evil. The “Manifesto of Mother Monster” symbolizes cosmic struggle between two origins that are interlaced with the herald of a new race.

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Despite of outrage, Lady Gaga is obsessed by fashion. The musician opened her shop, which is located in New York, Madison Avenue. Lady Gaga and Nicola Formichetti presented their new project – shop called “Gaga Workshop”. There are a lot of things ranging from books and underwear and ending by different sweets and souvenirs. “Gaga Workshop” makes an incredible effect on everybody, who is coming across: teenagers, adults, Gaga’s fans and ordinary people. There is a chocolate shoe, famous from the video for song “Bad Romance” for ten dollars. All goods match the style of Lady Gaga and are available for everyone. However, there are also limited propositions: one can buy a huge candle-sculpture Gaga bust candle for $ 395 or sweets in boxes made in the form of the singer costumes for $ 85. Thus, “Gaga Workshop” has various products for each person who wants to help (a quarter of the proceeds of sales is planned to be transferred to Born This Way Foundation).

As well as Lady Gaga, her music, fashion and other aspects are also considered by well known critics, writers and journalists. Paul Lester is a music journalist and writer, whose creation is a book “Lady Gaga: looking for fame. The life of a pop princess”. This work is representing the biography of the woman, who became a pop-star and fashion idol for many people all over the world. However, not only this writer devoted his works to Lady Gaga. Mathieu Deflem, Charles Kurzman and many others discussed Gaga’s fashion, music, fame and extraordinary fans love. The authors give detailed analysis of her life story and methods of obtaining the popularity.

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In the fans websites “Lady Gaga now”, devoted to Lady Gaga, it could be seen a number of stories, photos, thoughts about American singer, who became an idol for her fans. Gaga lovingly refers to the fans, affectionately calling them “monsters”.

According to Lady Gaga:

“Monsters, You really gave me a lot of strength today. Everything happened so fast, but when it came time to face it I reflected on the many stories and experiences you’ve shared with me about your lives. If you can do it, I can do it too, and if we stick together we can get through anything” (Lady Gaga, 2013).

Fans website “Lady Gaga now” include her music, fashion, and true lovers who are inspired by her creation and culture. The website is created by people, who are interested and obsessed by Lady Gaga’s life, music and fashion. “Lady Gaga now” is one of the best fans websites about pop-star and is updated every day since 2009. The website’s contains more than fifty thousand photos and the number of its members keeps growing every day. 

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