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Artwork refers to a piece of work done with the intention of passing information. It includes illustrations, paintings, drawings and carvings with exemption of written textual material. For many years various artistic works have been presented by various artists. Artwork presents a specialized way of passing information to the audience in various ways. It is not until someone fully understands the meaning of the artwork that he or she is able to understand the message that the artists wishes to communicate to him.

The artwork which I decided to review was done by Elizabeth Macdowell Kenton in 1883. She was an American artist and lived between 1858 and 1953. The piece of the work is titled; ‘Day dreams; Portrait of the Caroline Eakins.’ And I viewed it from Amiss art Institute where we have a collection of various artistic work done in history. It represents one of the most admirable artwork I have ever come across. Elizabeth Macdowell Kenton produced many artistic work and ‘Day dreams’ is just one of the best painting she was able to do in her life.

There are various mediums used to produce artwork. Day dreams is an oil painting made on a canvas material. The canvas material is that of high quality making it last for long and produce a fine finish.

The painting is a still portrait with dark background. To be precise, the artwork is a painting of a woman sitting on a chair leaning on her left back side. She doesn’t seem aware of the surrounding environment. The left arm is rested on the chair’s armrest while the right hand is hanging on the right side of the chair. Her face is halfway visible as she is leaning her head to the side ground of the painting. This presents an apathetic mood in this painting.  

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The background of the painting is not fully visible but blurred; some items can be seen traced in the background. The right side of the woman where the woman hangs her hand is bright and she looks like someone who is at a light path from a door or a window. This shows the ability of the artist to present his ideas through the use of shades and colors creating a whole pack of information in the mind of her consumers. The title of the work; ‘Day dreams; Portrait of the Caroline Eakins’ fits the representation made by the work itself. The Artist is able to match the title and the work represented easily.

Macdowell uses a variety of design elements to express her ideas on the work. She employs natural lines and shapes with no sense of geometry. It presents a natural setting of an occurrence presented. Her professionalism in the artistic field is expressed by the way she employs shadings from dark background to the bright foreground. The spaces are flat while the Artwork texture is implied. The elements leave a lot of imagination in the user’s mind passing more information than it can be seen physically in the artwork.

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Macdowell makes one of the best choices of the design principle to employ in her artwork. The bright foreground is balanced by the dull background. This creates a good balance in the painting. The bright floor in the painting is balanced by the dark ceiling of the painting. Consequently, it creates unity in the painting. The different color shades shows the principle of emphasis on what the Artist wishes to communicate. This creates a whole admirable presentation of an artwork. In addition to this it depicts the image as a real life view of a ‘day dreamer’.

The Artwork possesses other qualities like use of quality oil and brush to give the Work a fine finish. All these qualities give this work a high score and a place to reckon with. This Artwork shows that the artist is qualified and natural. She is able to communicate her feelings through graphics by use of painting. The choice of material to use in the painting is carefully selected to give the painting an admirable finish. This oil painting remains very competitive in most of the early artwork and present works.

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