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Primitivism in 20th century led to modern art, which started with modernism in the late 19th century. The role of percentage primitivism in 19th and 20th century European art incorporated art of self-trained artists, which resulted to talent development. Primitivism was a tendency that began in late 19th century and early 20th century art, which played a significant role of simplifying pictures and use of elements. The simplification of elements ranged from primitive art, prehistoric, folk, medieval, ancient, non-European and children’s art.

During that era, the role of artists was to refuge from reality to a kind of life that was unmuddied. The art culture enabled artists to sought emotional clarity, wholeness and spontaneous manner of perceiving the world. The concept of percentage  primitivism had an impact to the work of artists in 19th and 20th century. For instance, Paul Gauguin was able to experiment use of synthetist style and colors, which were different from impressionism. His work further influenced other artists such as Pablo Picasso, and he played a significant role in the symbolic movement as a writer, painter, ceramist, sculptor and print maker. Primitivism molded Gauguin’s skills by specializing in woodcuts and engraving form of arts.

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The concept of primitivism in 19th and 20th century is evident in Vincent van Gogh’s artwork when he developed art skills in rough beauty, bold color and emotional honesty in the 20th century art. On the other hand, Paul Cezanne grew his artistic skills as a post impressionist painter,  and in turn his work transformed the 19th century perception of art to a new art in the 20th century. The concept of primitivism also made artists such as Wassily Kandinsky to become the first modern abstract painter whose work was unique with different colors and shapes. Primitivism in 19th and 20th century made artist Franz Marc to advance his skills in print marking and painting. Pablo Picasso advanced his artistic skills in the 20th century by painting, and becoming the founder of cubism. As a leading artist, he created Cubism an art movement to alter art history in future. The concept of primitivism also molded artist Max Ernst to a catalytic figure in 20th century through his excellent work in as a sculptor, marker of enigmatic objects, and painter.

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The concept of primitivism enabled artists to redefine social relevance by applying unquestionable defaults to face the radical tendencies in 19th and 20th century. Artists also cultivated the culture of facing negative concepts in the current social environment through applying modern art. Primitivism allowed artists to redefine function of their work through movements that embraced new form of art, and rejected the traditional art forms. It also had creative principles that guided artists such as anarchistic hostility and elemental, which led to a positive spirit in artistic work. Through primitivism, artists redefined function of their work by abandoning the naive art, which did not involve professional training and embracing of the modern art.

The examples of primitivism in contemporary art include; modern painting where objects did not betray artistic connection, and conducted in a professional manner. Chronological primitivism deals with value distribution of artistic work by contrasting ideas of progress. The account of chronological primitivism for Western art results to positioning of rock art in the origin of Europe. Cultural primitivism discontent civilization and its desire are for less refined and simple existence in artistic work. Primitivism in contemporary art consists of motifs, and imagery, which has great visual power and handled with professionals contrasted to the western form of art.    

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