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The Renaissance is a cultural movement that lasted from the 14th century till the 17th century. Many historians consider that Renaissance humanism along with secularism and individualism was the beginning of the modern world. It is considered that the Renaissance began in Florence, Italy, and it is associated with the development of arts and literature and with the famous Renaissance men Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. This period made a great contribution into the development of the world history. On the other hand, many thinkers and historians assert that the Renaissance period cannot be defined by the fixed dates. The rebirth was observed not only in arts and history, but also in many other sciences.

Cultural achievements which occurred during that period were characterized by a new trend in the art. Previously, in the Middle Ages, art was used to glorify God, and most paintings were dedicated to this particular theme. The Renaissance brought with it new techniques in painting and highlighted the importance of humanism. During this period, human beings were the central figures in art, literature, and social science. Humanistic values were placed on the top of the historic and social development. Originating in Italy, the Renaissance ideas and values were later spread to France, England, Germany, and other European countries. Humanism was an approach to life that was focused on the human’s nature and provided the basis for the ethics and morals. The humanistic approach was established by the development of social sciences such as psychology, philosophy, sociology, literature, and history. People began to create new relationships that were based on the respect for personal freedoms, morality, justice, and personal responsibility. In other words, with a humanist approach to life, people were able to break down barriers and respect humans behind the social construct.

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The research asserts that humanism is closely connected to atheism. A new approach to life and humans made it possible to deny the existence of God. New theories that were originated in the Renaissance period helped realize human potential. Many artists of that period such as Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo da Vinci were supposed to be genius. New humanistic ideas and concepts were the basis for the development of Western Europe in various spheres of life. The idea of “a happy” human” was a vivid characteristic of that period.

Actually, many historians consider that the Renaissance brought back the ideas of ancient Greeks and Romans after the fall of Rome. Arts and literature as understanding of the world were well developed in the Ancient Greece and in the Middle Ages. The Renaissance was a rebirth of those ideas that were lost. Humanists put people in the center of attention. Thus, they denied the existence of God and became atheists. Many people desired to live in a society, which could be free of church.   This was one of the main differences between the Renaissance and the Middle Ages. It is important to notice that the Middle Ages gave the beginning for the changes, which occurred in the Renaissance period. During the Golden Age of the Feudalism (1100-1350), Europe was involved in the development and growth of cities and population. A lot of universities were opened there, what gave the opportunity to produce thousands of educated people.

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In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that in spite of the break with the Middle Ages, the Renaissance owed its existence to the medieval civilization. It has brought all previous achievements into a new era. Humanism was of the greatest importance to a new approach to human beings as well as the concepts of the world in a whole.

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