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One should never underestimate the power of art. Through the history art have always  been  very closely intertwined with current trends and events in society. Now in the digital era and the time of what’s called  Web 2.0 there are new trends and tendencies. The power in the art industry have shifted from  powerful art personas to masses and consumers  are producers at the same time.  It has  opened  new opportunities for artist of different genres and directions that were never officially appreciated before.

Newly emerged trend within art on the internet in Web 2.0 era is emergence of so called “Proconsumers” it happens when a single person becomes consumer and producer at the same time. Flickr can be set as an example, people who register there they are consumers of the services provided by this website. And in return the upload their product- artwork or images displaying their photo editing or photography skills.

Another new tendency that is brought on by Web 2.0 in online arts is that the largest proportion of innovations comes from amateur artists. Professional and well established artists no longer rule the world of art; they might set the trend or give a starting point to new ideas. However, all the progressive and innovative ideas come from the amateur pool of submitted material, selected and voted for by their peers.

The mentioned above development is leading society to development of ‘Ochlocracy ‘. Definition of Ochlocracy  in the  dictionary is  “ governed by the masses”. Meaning now society with the means of tagging, liking and commenting chooses trends, favorite artists and popular trends in art.  Now society is deciding what is in fashion, not the professional artists who want to  promote their brand or product. This collective intelligence acts like a filter for these enormous amounts of information floating on the internet. This is just like natural selection just on the internet. Also things like tagging, retweeting help organize the content on the web, to provide users with more convenient search.

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 The Web 2.0 encourages differences, variety and diversity rather than homogeneity.  It comes from the ability of all kinds of people freely expressing their opinion and making their own choices regarding what they consider art. All variations, slight differences are appreciated and valued within internet world. These days different is good, new is good, people come out and show their talents because these days it is actually appreciated and we have a previlage to enjoy some amazing arts.

Along with positive change brought on by Web 2.0, that enabled unique and rapid development of art . This became possible through artists being able to showcase their works and talent freely, however, this lead to enormous amounts of information circulating online.  Every single piece of artwork comes from the artist’s soul, it showcases their personality and life experience.  And we’ve come to experience “the big brother phenomena” where some people provide a lot of irrelevant personal information. In contrast there are people who show unhealthy interest and fascination with other people’s insights into their private lives.

To conclude, I would like to say that the opportunities provided by Web 2.0 have brought tremendous change on the development of art in general and  art on the internet in particular. The change has been mostly positive despite some minor shortcomings like “big brother effect” , when internet users upload irrelevant  personal information. Except that, Great number of artists got to showcase their talent and their works, and every single difference is appreciated, all the styles and directions in art matter.

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