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Since 1972 year, when the term “video game” where launched by Pong, society showed a significant interest and gaming market expanded enormously since that time and keeps growing (Mark J, 2011). The gaming market even exceeds music market nowadays. This industry grows so fast, that society cannot keep up with the latest innovations.

According to U.S. Market research, gaming industry in the last years grows not so fast but has a steady course. In 2011, the gaming industry reached an annual income of 12.5 billion dollars.

Comparing it to another diagram, according to Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, game industry also will prolong growing until 2015 year and, supposedly, further (2012).

Taking into an account gamer groups, they could be derived on – power gamers, dormant gamers and occasional. In the diagram below, there is a wider classification. As we can see, middle market operates with a distinct type of audience – social gamers, dormant gamers and leisure gamers.

To sum up, we can say, that gaming industry keeps developing. Its target audience grows in numbers as well as new games are appearing. This market fully realizes the potential and has a place to widen it.

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