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Globalization is one of the most rapid processes in the world that is perceived as a complex interaction and integration among different layers of society and is caused by the international trade and particular investment policies. Globalization is believed to help many poor and undeveloped countries boost their economy with the help of the overseas investments. However, the number of disputes and discussions concerning this notion and process has significantly increased lately and evoked serious worldwide resistance. Thus, globalization is often regarded as one of the most highly controversial issues, and it has attracted attention of both critics and defenders.

Globalization is not a new notion; however, there have been quite different attitudes to it in the 1990s as compared to the modern situation. The period since 1989 and till nowadays that is usually called the second era of globalization is characterized by the extremely high speed of communication and consequently huge economic growth. Decreasing wages in particularly domestic import-competing sectors and high risk of unemployment used to be the main concerns in the 1990s. Now, the scale of the opposition to globalization has seriously increased and consequently caused the development of the new forms. The large number of the meetings of global economic powers such as WTO, G8, IMF face such passionate protest due to a set of reasons, for instance, opponents to globalization believe that this process is successful at the expense of less developed countries and their organizations. Moreover, opponents state that globalization does not follow the rules of fair trade and violates the human rights. Many overseas corporations flourish provided that they save money at the expense of poorer work safety conditions and cheap labor forces. One more argument against globalization is the increasing inequality in wealth in the world that is proven by the unequal income increases. Besides, globalization resulted in the creation of one powerful market, and such a system preserves many dangers as its collapse will affect the economy of the whole world. Furthermore, there is also a risk of large diseases spread as numerous people cross the international border every day.

Although there are valid concerns and particular reasons to opposition to globalization, and this movement is reported to speed up, still it is necessary to perceive globalization as a complex process that has partially changed since the early 1990s, but still combines both positive and negative aspects.

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