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Nokia has started working in the field of modern telecommunications equipment since the mid 1960s. In the late 80's. Nokia was one of the key developers of GSM equipment and in 1987 it launched the first handheld cellular phone. In May 1997, led by Nokia Jorma Ollila, previously head of mobile phones, and at his insistence, the Board of Directors of the company decided to focus on the telecommunications market. Nokia sells more than 130 countries worldwide. Equipment produced by the company, has over 250 million of users. The corporation Nokia has four main subsidiaries: Nokia Networks, MobilePhones, Multimedia and Enterprise Solutions. Nokia Networks makes equipment for GSM and WCDMA, including switching equipment, data transmission systems, network management systems. Nokia Mobile Phones develops and markets mobile phones and accessories for all major standards (GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, TDMA, and 3G) (Nokia Corporation, 2011).

In 2003, Nokia introduced the world market 50 new models of cell phones, most of which were well represented in the CIS. The models were classified into categories according to the target audience, which in the first place, are designed manufactured phones, namely: Basic, Entry, Expression, Active, Classic, Fashion, Games and Premium. They differ in design, features and positioning of the various categories of consumers.

Due to its innovative products and solutions Nokia is paving the way to the mobile information society. Nokia is a leading supplier of mobile phones and mobile, fixed and IP networks, related services and multimedia terminals. In 1999, Nokia net sales amounted to 19.8 billion euros. Nokia shares, headquartered in Finland, are listed on the New York (NOK), Helsinki, Stockholm, London, Frankfurt and Paris stock exchanges. Its number of employees is more than 55 000 people. Nokia has started working in the field of modern telecommunications equipment since the mid-1960s. years. In the late 80's. Nokia was one of the main developers of the equipment standard GSM. Thus, Nokia is working on the market of communication for more than 50 years (Nokia Corporation, 2011).

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Company’s Prevalence

When the company took seriously the release of mobile phones and other telecommunications products, it went to the international markets. As a result, at the end of the 90 Nokia became the market leader of digital communication technologies. In a short time, thanks to its ability to be responsive to market changes frequently and instantly ability to adopt the latest design and technology, the company has achieved worldwide success. It is due to a literate and thoughtful approach and better decisions - both in technology and in the field of management and personnel policy - Nokia has become a mega world class. In just six years, the company has made the leap to international fame.

The major company`s strength is keeping the simple phones, which are prevalent in the industry. The example can be Asher phone. Nice combination of colors, thoughtful coated housing with a "rough" back side, masks fingerprints, dirt and scratches. High quality build, compact size and light weight, the presence of buttons in addition to the responsive touch screen - all these signs of quality, classic and touch phone inherent in Nokia Asha models. When many high-tech-corporations in the U.S. and Canada focused exclusively on computer information technology, European and Japanese companies have started seriously mobile telecommunications, wireless technologies. Nokia has been at the forefront of these 'converters the world. "People want to talk "anytime, anywhere", and Nokia to meet this demand. Such indicators as the proportion of mobile phone users in the population and coverage of mobile communications in Europe are much higher than in the U.S. Now the lines between technologies are merged into a single entity, and mobile communication devices are triumphant in the heart of the wireless information society of the new century.

The uniqueness of Nokia phones is a first-class design. Nokia chief designer Frank Nuovo believes that more successful mobile phones cannot bring new features and intricate device, and the ease of use and beautiful appearance. Modern mobile phones of this brand are a milestone for equal competitors of the company. Nokia pays great attention to design of the phone. The company began to experiment with color phones ten years ago, when Europe and the United States reached the first color sets. One of the first was the Nokia 252 Art Edition. In many respects it is a merit Ollila and his team, gives the phone from Finland the quality that professionals are called primary consumer psychology in the image of mobile phones. Nokia is the opportunity to personalize each one of them, and thereby stand out from the consumer crowd (Strategic HR Management).

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Another thing that makes the company very competitive in the industry is its name. First of all, the management of Nokia has decided that the successful promotion of the market requires its own brand. The company failed to anticipate that in the near future cell phones will go into the category of consumer products (previously Nokia products sold under the brand names of mobile operators). However, today Nokia managed to deal with this problem and now it takes eleventh place between Marlboro (10th place) and Mercedes (12th) among the most known brands in the world (Strategic HR Management).

One of the strategic goals of the company has always been a continuous update, which was manifested in the skillful and constant segmentation, branding and design. As Procter & Gamble, Nokia periodically releases new items in various categories to continuously dominate the market. As Coca-Cola, Nokia has gradually become widely known brand, but did so much more quickly. In addition to the qualitative characteristics, Nokia values the aesthetics phones. The survey showed that 37.5% of the respondents are loyal to the Nokia phones with original and memorable design. However, this figure is not satisfactory for Nokia, as the company pays great attention to product design, trying to set the main trends in fashion. Nokia phone has been called "a necessary accessory lifestyle", it has enough style to stand out even among the fashionable audience. National nonprofit organization Jen Art and Nokia recently formed an alliance to show trendy technologies with the participation of leading designers, filmmakers and artists. It should be noted that the company also sued the two European manufacturers of phones - Sagem and Vitelcom - for stealing designs (Strategic HR Management).

Conclusions and Recommendations for Future

Nokia has formed the brand, which is one of the leaders in the mobile phone market. The study revealed that Nokia is a leader on the following criteria:

- Extensive experience in the production of phones;

- High-quality phones;

- An innovative brand;

- Phones that are long;

- Functional phones;

- Business phones;

- Good service;

- Phones with original design.

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All these features are accompanied by leading the highest price in the market. However, still Nokia is one of the brands, "which can be found everywhere."

The study found that the phones are designed for different groups of consumers: those who love novelties as well as conservative. The main users of Nokia phones are considered to be the business of older people and demanding to telephones. It should be noted that most of the people who currently do not have a phone in the future see their phone bought in Nokia Incorporation.

Advertising gives the phone an added value in the perception of the consumer. The company should pay more attention to the development of advertising aimed at young people, to increase the number of their customers. In general, «Nokia» branding is appropriate to continue to use television advertising, outdoor advertising, and advertising in the media, and apply it successfully.

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