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The criminal use of weapons is a widespread threat to human safety in any country. Firearms are easy to hide and carry. They ensure profitable incomes for criminals. Almost all countries are affected by weapons and the violence resulting from their use nowadays. Firearms are used in more than 245,000 murders worldwide each year. This figure shows that not so many crimes are committed by means of firearms. They endanger the lives of people and provoke other felonious acts.

The USA does not keep apart from mass shootings. There have been many deadly incidents for the last 45 years. One of these is the Tucson shooting. It took place on January 8, 2011 during an event hold by American Republican Gabrielle Giffords. A gunman opened fire on people. A 9mm Glock handgun was used reportedly. Six humans were murdered and thirteen injured, including Giffords. She was shot in the head. Among the killed people, there was John Roll, an American district judge. Soon the police and medics arrived. The former caught twenty-two-year old Jared Loughner, a marijuana-smoking solitary, who was retained in custody then. He was charged with mass shooting in federal and state courts. The authorities called Giffords as an attack target. Her medical condition was primarily described as “critical”. Due to Jared Loughner was fixated on Giffords, he was arrested immediately. Five charges were filed against him by federal prosecutors, including the attempted murders of a Congress member and federal judges. Loughner had the history of being charged with drug possession. Showing an inappropriate behavior, he was suspended by his college. The court noted that his handwritten manuscripts indicated plans of murdering Giffords. However, the shooting motive was still unclear. Loughner decided to avoid cooperation with authorities. He cited his right to remain silent and was charged pursuant to forty-nine clauses. Due to he was held without bail, in January 2012, the federal court declared the Loughner’s judging process incompetent. There were medical evaluations that diagnosed him with paranoid schizophrenia. Finally, on August 7, the case hearing was held, since Loughner had been found competent. He pleaded himself guilty to nineteen cases. In November 2012, the boy was sentenced to life imprisonment without any possibility of parole. However, it is unclear who is responsible for this terrible violence. 

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As a result, public support for gun control has decreased for the last decades. Humans remember about the mass shootings at the Columbine and Virginia Technical Universities. Recently, the Supreme Court has made a decision, which expands gun rights. It does not relate to taking guns away from humans. As a result, the volume of gun sales has increased to 60% (Grunvald, 2011). People are no longer worried about their safety. They just care about the following government steps and want to make the process of gun possession more difficult. Nowadays, the respective legislation is at the stage of development in Washington. Most likely, nothing will change. Humans support the stringent gun control law due to the Tucson shooting in 2011. In general, forty-seven percent of Americans favor stricter rules. In April 2010, forty percent sustained them. Greater changes were expected to be made after a highly publicized tragedy. As a result, the state expanded the right to arms. However, the term of the ban on the possession of assault weapons has expired, and nowadays, Arizona has one of the most indulgent rules in the country. It provides carrying hidden weapons without a permit in public places. Unfortunately, well-armed citizens with gun rights are outlawed. Generally, less than 1% of all gun murders are related to self-defense, suicides, and other accidents. The USA has 80% of gun deaths. This rate is about twenty times higher than in other high-developed countries, and is the highest in the world. There are eighty-nine guns per one hundred citizens. Actually, gun crimes are going down, although the overwhelming majority of people use firearms.

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In conclusion, gun control is a sensitive issue. It raises strong emotions in people, with ones advocating for or against it. It is difficult to deal with this problem due to a disagreement over the access to guns. The number of firearms has a significant impact on the level of crime. The lack of human care and concern will continue promoting firearm injuries. It will happen through wars or violence in families. Although today people face many troubles. they are not going to shoot or kill anyone, but just want changes. They are ready to fight for them. The whole political system and social structure try to prevent it. People seem to have no possibility of progressive changes. A majority of working Americans actually have never had the opportunity to participate in a single act of organized social protest. However, people will always be united in achieving common goals.

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