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Dred Scott was the slave, one of the abused and humiliated people who did not know what freedom was. He experienced the hard suffering, pain, cruel treatment, awful thraldom and violent attitude of the hateful slave owners. Dred Scott was known for suing for his freedom and for freedom of his wife and his daughters in the historically known case “the Dred Scott Decision”. “It was the famous case which was one of the tries of the slaves to get their freedom.

D. Scott was born in 1799 in Virginia and was the slave of Peter Blow. During all his life he was the slave who can not read and write; he was uneducated. Soon he was sold to another slave owner Dr. Emerson where D. Scott had been the rest of his life and accompanied his master everywhere where the slavery was forbidden.

So as we see that D. Scott and his wife were the slaves but they lived in the states where slavery was forbidden according to the states laws. I am convinced that when it came about Afro-American people, the government did nothing to help them.  For the slaves there were no laws which could defend them. The slaves had not any opportunity to stand on their rights and to persist in their opinion because the law and the government deprived them of this.

As the life of all slaves, the life of Dred Scott was hard and full of suffering and pain.  The first owner of Dred Scott was Peter Blow whose son later helped Dred Scott in the court. Unlike the other slaves he was married twice when he was in the service of Dr. Emerson. The first wife of Dred Scott was Harriet Robinson with whom he had two children. It was unique event for the history of slaves because the civil wedding ceremony was performed by a justice of the peace. The second wife of Dred Scott was Eliza Irene Sanford whose brother helped Dred Scott to struggle for freedom. When Doctor Emerson died, Dred Scott sued the wife of Emerson for freedom in 1846. As we see in spite that fact that Dred Scott had no freedom, he had a family and it was the factor which made his life easier and which stimulated him to actions.

To my mind slavery was an enormous outrage and the slaves were victims of this crime of higher society. The slaves were not people of lower race. They were capable of high skills, hard-working, intellectual and moral beings that needed nothing except freedom and humane treatment. So there was not strange that Dred Scott struggled for his freedom, he argued against slavery and tried to demonstrate such a phenomenon was cruel, ungodly, unnatural, unjust and immoral. For the society slavery was the step back, degradation and moral lapse.

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Dred Scott and solicited for his freedom in 1846. The Scotts' two trials which took place in 1847 and in 1850 in Missouri provoked a lot of mess in social and political life of the country. The asking Ms. Emerson for freedom was finished with failure and that is why Dred Scott began his struggle through litigation.

It was firm and determined decision to appeal to the court. The reason why Dred Scott sued to a law-court was to secure freedom for himself and for his family. His family was the stimulation for acting and struggling. The first attempt to try the finding of justice was made in 1846 after the refusing of his mistress from purchasing of his freedom. Dred Scott sued Emerson in a Missouri court.  As wee see the world is not without kind people because the son of his previous owner helped him with money. Dred Scott tried to prove in the court that he was the resident of the state which was free from emancipation. His lawyers tried to prove the same for his family. Dred Scott hoped for success in his case as the Missouri court gave freedom to other slaves before. However he could not prove that he was the slave belonging to Mistress Emerson and that is why this attempt failed. The trial court denied Scott's freedom and appointed another trial because of the absence of evidence.

Chief Justice Roger Taney gave the Supreme Court's decision against Dred Scott and was indignant at the behavior of the slave who wanted to get freedom. Roger Taney stated that Dred Scott was the slave in spite of his living in the territory free from slavery. The Court passed the resolution that black people, no matter free or enslaved were not citizens of the United States and did not have any rights to sue in the federal court. The court lost its jurisdiction when it came about slaves because they were not supposed the citizens of the USA.

 Roger Taney said that the federal government did not have the right to forbid slavery. The black people were the property. The right to have slaves was allowed by the Constitution. Roger Taney claimed that Dred Scott would not get freedom for himself and his family. As to the Republican Party it was devoted to preventing the extension of slavery. The Dred Scott case caused the conflict between the Democrats (supporters of the pro-slavery) and the Republican Party (the abolitionists of slavery). The Democrats demanded that the Republicans must agree with the decision of the court.

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It was not known exactly why Dred Scott had chosen 1846 year to battle for his freedom, why he did not do this before. However historians supposed that the man was tired from being enslaved, there was only thought that maybe Dred Scott was afraid that Mrs. Emerson had planned to sell him. Dred Scott had money to purchase his freedom but he was refused.

Slaves were not included in the blessing American freedom. The justice, liberty and independence were received by the blood and hard work of slaves and miserable people but those who only observed for this struggle for independence had right to use it. For slaves and miserable people this luxury as independence was forbidden and inaccessible.

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The story of life of the slave Dred Scott shows that the government did not follow laws but imposed the ideology of racism.  It is difficult to settle any issues when two sides become emotional and follow their own ideology. Where there is the ideology of racism, it is difficult to solve any problem, it is impossible for the slave to defend his rights. To my mind the obsession of any kind of ideology has bad influence on our society. Even nowadays the ideology exists. For example it is normal phenomenon for a woman to be a wife and mother at the same time. However the society sees woman strange who chooses not to marry and not to have children. There is no strange that at present time there are a lot of feminist movements who struggle for the equal rights with men. The most popular ideology is that white people think that they are superior to other races. It is high time to ruin this ideology however it still exists. All people are created to be equal and to have the equal rights. To my mind we should eradicate the ideology of racism and become more kind-hearted.

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