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Public speech is a real art. Not all politicians have a strong and powerful voice and ability to convince. There are many features, which should be acquired before getting to public, and this paper will deal with them on the example of Barack Obama’s speech.

In his Victory speech as of 2012, Barack Obama has strongly demonstrated his gratitude and his opinion about elections. He showed a great attitude towards democracy and cohesion with every member of the country. In his speech, Obama also mentioned about his team and  the role of every person in the country’s choice.  He was proud about the middle class representatives and people who work hard. Also, the President said some words about America as a whole, and how it should change itself to stay admired and respected as it is now. The leader emphasized on the fact that it is not wealth and military forces that make USA so strong and rich, but the bonds that hold together the most diverse nation on Earth. He ended his speech with the idea that country can become greater only when acting as one family.

Firstly, talking about the text, it could be said that this speech was not only grateful but also inspirational. Orator’s target was to demonstrate his thankfulness, and to provide some facts and thoughts about government and democracy. With the help of simple and honest words during his speech, it seems that he tried to unite all Americans in the one big family.

Secondly, speaking about the performance itself, some points should be regarded there. The speech itself was an optimistic and well delivered as for the subject. Despite it was not as electric as it could be, it was pretty strong and well structured although not highly impressive regarding long pauses and rate. The speech lasted for 21 minute, and, during the whole speech, Obama held one steady volume of voice that is important in this type of performance. He was also quite honest about economics and the profit, which was made in this field. He stressed on military forces that also denotes high patriotism that is brought to listeners. At the same time, this honest and cheerful speech was quite generalized without any emphasis on the governmental processes.

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Additionally, the volume and pitch of voice was pretty good: not very high or aggressive. There were no visible fillers in phrases and clipped endings that are unacceptable in a performance of such a level. The clear speech with right pronunciation and articulation is the first key to good performance, but not the only one. The rate itself was a bit slow because of the big audience and the topic; nevertheless, the pauses where too big in some places. It was justified by the fact of applauses although sometimes he stopped just for changing a subject.

Finally, non verbal speech is also very important. As long as it includes facial expressions, hand and arm gestures, poses and other body movements, it helps the speaker to be heard (Mehrabian, 1). Barack Obama, during his speech, had a permanent eye-contact with his public. While speaking he stood still, moving only hands though not very abruptly and frequently. The leader also had a confident but friendly face expression in addition to his motivating words. It was clear that he speaks to all the country and makes his movements very distinct and masterful.

To sum up, we can draw the conclusion that Barack Obama is an indisputable leader although there were some gaps which could be filled in this speech we well. All the movements were correct and clear but, at the same time, the speech itself had some weak points in representation.

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