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An attempt to predict what my life will be like at the age of seventy-five is highly difficult especially in today’s life, when it is hard to predict what will happen in the next minute. Nevertheless, I will try.

I imagine myself to be a very happy woman who is looking fresh and physically fit due to the regular visits to the gym. I am of medium height, slender, long-legged, and broad-shouldered with a lightly tanned skin. My blond hair is middle long, wavy and usually done in a knot or in plaits. Sometimes, I like to change my hairdos. I have oval-shaped face with low chic-bones, low forehead, often-rosy chicks, a little snub nose, thick lips, large and close-set hazel eyes, black eyebrows. My eyesight is not perfect, so I wear glasses from time to time. I also like to wear sunglasses of various forms that fit my current look. I still have my own teeth, white and straight. For sure, there are some wrinkles on my face, which lightly emphasize my expressive features.

I do not lack the feeling of style. I am a rather modern senior citizen. Fashionable clothing is an essential part of my everyday life. I cannot but follow the latest trends in fashion world. However, I have my own original style. Several styles can be mixed by me in order to make one creative look. Sometimes, even high hills appear in my wardrobe. Some impressive clothes inspire me and awaken the desire to look good and lead an active way of life. It seems to me, every woman should have such desire.

I imagine myself as a very extraverted person, and my inner world remains almost the same, even with the passage of time. My conceptions and imaginary about everything in the world have not radically changed, even though I had a bad experience as well as a good one. This is because I think that everything depends on a person’s behavior. Maybe I just became a little more reasonable, and with regard to attitude to life, a little bit more skeptical. I have always been self-assured, assertive, and ambitious. It is necessary to admit that I am also a little cunning and versatile. I have always considered myself full of common sense, courteous, communicative, rather sociable and prudent. People say I have a nice sense of humor.

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My large and united family and my dear people always helped me to overcome difficulties. They give me as much emotional support as possible, and that is why I find various problems not as difficult as they may appear at the first sight. I stopped worrying what will become with me, and I live in the present time. My children and grandchildren often tell me that I am a wonderful mother and granny, my husband considers me his soul mate. This is the best medicine for me. Such cheer helps to be relaxed, strong in inner power and willing to life. It seems to me that no one from my surrounding is left behind, because every member of my amazing family respects and loves each other. This helps to create wonderful relationships that are like a tradition and go through the generations.

Having a rest with my close friends makes me happy. We often go to the country to admire nature, to dine alfresco, to have a chat in the open air.

Being older, unfortunately, I cannot go to as many concerts and parties I used to. I do not travel as much as I would like to, and now not all the beautiful landscapes are available for me. Being younger, I could afford myself to reach the highest picks and dive in the ocean. Now I see myself taking pleasure from the art. I have new hobbies, such as drawing and dancing. I began attending drawing lessons five years ago. Always dreaming about the career of a painter, I could not afford to spend much time drawing. Almost all my life I had tight schedule. Now two pictures painted by me decorate walls in our house.

I followed my mother’s footsteps and became a translator of French, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian languages. I think such work helped me to have a brilliant memory and quick reaction.

I also joined dancing classes and persuaded my husband to go there with me. Therefore, it has been three years since we began dancing. We are quite good at waltz now. Our family also has two dogs, one cat and a small rabbit. It is pleasant to take care of them. Sometimes it seems to me that they give us a lot of energy and cure us.

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We are an orthodox family and go to church on Sunday mornings to thank God for our magnificent and exciting life often. Praying is a kind of meditation that helps to find out what makes us happy and what deeds and decisions we should make. Such spiritual thoughts encourage me to be a little better every single time.

While doing this assignment, I really tried to go through time and visualize my life being a seventy-year-old woman. It caught all my thoughts. To say the truth, I felt indifferent and even pity, imagining my elderly life, realizing that my time was “beginning to end”. However, if to have the life I have written about, in such an age I will feel only gratitude for such heaven’s gift. I think this task raised the possibility to choose right steps to achieve my goals and to have the life I have described.

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