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Effective business strategies are based on the principle of cooperation with other firms and organizations. Nowadays, good planning and management are regarded as processes, which include international relations and strategies that help corporations fulfill their potential. In international job market, it is essential to build a reliable system of employment and management. International organizations seek employees from foreign countries in order to strengthen relations with global job market and expand their multicultural potential. This paper discusses issues related to international job market, its challenges, and effectiveness of recruitment from overseas. On the example of US firm, we will try to illustrate those challenges more profoundly.

Starting from 1990s, consulting, business, and bank spheres started to recruit staff from overseas with emerging market explosion. Now, international job search conducted with the help of Internet resources becomes a usual practice among job seekers (Segal & Kocher, 2003). International job opportunities can be found in the large number of spheres: government, business, communications, banking, and multinational organizations. “Agencies, corporations, nonprofit groups, and international organizations around the world now expect the new hire to have not only cross-cultural experience but also cross-disciplinary skills” (Carland & Faber, 2008). Globalization gives new opportunities for employees from all industry sectors. International market proposes new places for job seekers, and it becomes common practice in economically developed countries. That is why people, who want to be involved in this system of cooperation, need to promote themselves and prepare for the job having reliable academic credentials and recommendations.

Speaking about major challenges of international job market, it is possible to say that the main point is to create a recruitment strategy for the company. “Developing workplace policies and making employment decisions are some of the biggest challenges in an international job market. Perspective employees also encounter challenges when they decide to enter the international job market” (Mayhew, 2012). From employer's point of view, recruiting from overseas is not a difficult task. Internet resources provide comfortable and fast way for employee search. Moreover, many professionals are eager to work overseas and develop their potential on the new place. Nevertheless, employers from US and other multinational organizations face some difficulties recruiting employees from countries where employment rules and laws differ from those of employees. Sometimes, when regulations differ, corporation needs to recruit human resource experts from another country to develop new employment policies taking into account all cultural norms for international workers (Mayhew, 20012). Another challenge is selection of applicants. Employers on the first stage of recruitment face the problem of selecting candidates from existing workforce or from another country.

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Taking one company as an example, it is possible to see some peculiarities depending on the type of the firm and its location. Big US organizations that promote themselves on the international business market are the biggest employers of workers from overseas. For a big company as well as for a small one relocation of an employee is a big challenge. Nationality of a candidate and his or her location are always key issues in recruitment strategy. Expatriate employees are invited when the company needs good specialist, for example, engineer or computer programmer, who has professional degree and work experience. Those, who leave their country have to prepare to work in a new place and must have skills that company needs in order to expand their knowledge and experience. Employment contract policies and other documents are not always easy to consummate ever for a huge organization. If this company invites an expert from Russia or Ukraine, for example, this worker can have different documents and understanding of accepting new terms and conditions. He or she has to consult head recruitment agent and prepare all the needed papers. Sometimes the procedure takes up to a year. That is why, a company always searches for the best experts to cope with some difficulties related to expenses that appear during the whole time of cooperation. Taking into account US organization, place of living of a candidate and some other regulations cannot be easily obtained. Depending on the nationality and place of living of a candidate, rules and regulations vary. At the end of the assignment, company returns an employee to his/her hometown. US companies are interested in accepting rules as well as in successful repatriation of a worker. That is why the firm employs the most talented candidates, who are worth additional expenses and effort, which organization makes during the recruitment process.

Firm always try to globalize and cooperate with each other on the international level to strengthen their connection and establish relations with organizations from all over the world. On the stage of growth, an organization employs more and more people in order to develop and create a strong international system. In this process, the most important thing is to ensure high quality of the working process. International business emphasizes effective organizational working process and integration with other firms. The most developed organizations have more potential in building reliable international business systems. To create such a system, export system should be established by a sales or marketing manager. Outside partners can provide qualified staff to support growth of an international cooperation. The major task is to provide talent from around the world. That is why a candidate needs to have certificates and positive recommendations accompanied by a motivation letter to have a chance to get a job in a company.

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On the stage of globalization, many firms face the problem with managers who think either regionally or globally. With the big amount of international operations, there is a need to recruit more professionals from other countries. Nevertheless, expatriate is expected to have more responsibilities and tasks than a manager does in the country where he or she works. Workers from other countries, at the same time, need to adjust to culture and companies specifics regarding an area of its operations as fast as possible. That is why, nowadays, both employers and employees need to develop their potential and grow on the international level.

To sum up, it is possible to state that international job market today faces such challenges as recruiting and job management. Employers seek for professionals around the world to create strong international and multicultural organizations. Expenses on candidates are thoughtfully calculated and only the best and most talented workers are able to get a place in a good company abroad. Management and organization of working process in a multicultural firm require professional assistance of human resource department and managing system. For company’s and its workers growth, international cooperation is the fastest and the easiest way. That is why more and more companies seek for foreign professionals from all over the world.

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