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Speaking is a nature gift to the human being. It must have some reasons which help us obtaining others’ ideas. We always share a new idea with friends because this is the primary and the original way to communicate. People do not like to be interrupted when they are talking, even to be banned talking by others, as well. Therefore, the freedom of speech is the basic right of a human; no one has the right to take it away from us. As long as people have the talking ability, they can say anything they want.

The majority of people do not understand the meaning of freedom speech. The freedom of speech is a kind the way of seeking the truth. Under the first of Amendment, the Government included three prohibited things to the bill of rights. First of all, any kind of the religious establishment is an  illegal. Secondly, the bill deprives freedom of speech and publishing. Thirdly, it deprives the people`s right of peaceful parade. Simply shows that it gives more freedom to public and limits more to government for liberty control. The bill of rights does not show whether their speech is right. Therefore, the truth is not always equal with the freedom speech. People can say anything. It does not matter if the speaker is a bad or good. It does not matter if the speech is right or wrong. There are a lot of incidents of freedom speech in the world. One of them is the Tiananmen Square incident which took place in the Socialist country, China.

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The incident was happened in the spring of 1989. There were many students of good reputation university who had assembled to the Tiananmen Square. They came in order to let the Government improving their school life standards initially. After the death of Hu Yaobang, Kristof points out, “his death urged weeks of giddy days and mass protests in April and May of 1989. The throngs of more than a million filled the streets of Beijing.”(Kristof 2013). More and more people of different classes came there. There were students, soldiers and workers who had joined this parade in order to obtain freedom in different fields. They were dying to seek a new democratic country. After few months, the communist party felt that the situation was uncontrolled. The congress decided to suppress them by using military. As the result, the parade was suppressed bloodily by Chinese military. Even though some of the protests have wrong points of view. It cannot be an excuse to prevent their freedom speech in public.

If the freedom public speech is abolished, it will bring some far-reaching effects in many fields. In school, students are afraid to point out their difference in views because, the different ideas almost mean wrong which should not be said in public. Thus, today`s younger generation will lose the ability of imagine. The party`s policy shows, the small parties are not able to persuade and explain their new policies in public. Some of their good ideas are not going to be implemented. In work places, the workers will not go on strike in the street. In this way; the government officials will ignore the dissatisfaction of people. Little by little, the whole country will turn into “silence” and, the deep dissatisfaction will lead some unrecovered problems appearing to the surface, such as the collapse of the Soviet Union.      In a word, the level of perception among people is limited. The governments have to protect freedom speech in order to avoid people`s killing at the baby stage. No matter, their points are right or wrong; there is a good opportunity to know something humans have never considered. 

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