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Marketing and advertising is a multibillion dollar industry raking in approximately 100 billion dollars in revenue every year. Advertisements take most of the viewer`s time and it has been singled out as perhaps the most influential and educational platform of the day to day livelihoods of every American. It is a general view that advertisements sell more than the brands being advertised meaning that it is the advertisement that catches the eye rather than the product. They sell images, advice on success, values, love and sexuality, popularity and normalcy. 

The over utilization of sexually oriented components in advertisement has been branded as commercial pornography. It is true that not all materials in the advertisements may appeal to all parties equally when it comes to sexuality; therefore, every advertisement is tailored to achieve certain objectives. The trend is mainly a bait for the young consumers

All advertisements have gone sexy. To attract a marginal sale or more viewers, producers of commercials are bringing sexuality into the whole notion of advertisement. It is seldom nowadays to come across an advert on the mainstream media that does not involve sexuality. Researchers argue that the use of sexuality theme in the advertisement is attributable to human behavioral inclinations the very biases that exist in the society and the very epitome of sexual competition among the sexes. Sexual competition is the single most appropriate explanation as to why all the advertisements are nude.

This paper will delve further into the notion of sexual antagonism among men and women. The idea is to make the reader understand the driving force behind the sexy advertisements that have courted their screens, as well as, the print media. Programs are interrupted to bring sexually explicit material which may not be a good idea for the minors. The reason behind this is that advertisements are lucrative to the media owners.

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Competition is inherent to any species not just humans. Competition has been around for a long time than anyone can remember it is said that survival is for fittest. Human beings have taken this to greater and new heights giving it a new meaning altogether. Competition in the past has been looked at from the basic principle of life such as, food, mate, space, and niche. In this case, we shall deviate from the traditional way in which people view competition and delve in matters more masculine and feminist (Kappeler, Schaik, 2004). This paper shall dwell on the reason why there is competition among men for women. The competition arises as a result of sexual dimorphism this factor has been the driver of competition among males and females of the same species. However, the competition for women has become so common in the latter days. This is competition of men among themselves for women. Every man fights to have a pretty woman by their side. They do everything possible to win the attention of the woman. This is different from the historic days when the human species was known to be so polygamous where every male had as much women as one could wish (Andersson, 1994).

Sexual selection

Men and fitness: in every community around the world, you will hear notions that women like their men to be strong. This has led to a new culture of weight lifting which has reshaped the manner in which humans engage in relationships. Many women believe that strong men can keep them safe. Maintaining the strong bodies is an uphill task because muscles tear and wear away quite often, and repairing such muscles is quite a task (Etges & Noor, 2003). Advertisers have taken advantage of this fact and it is common to find that every product targeting men will feature a huge and mascular man embracing

Sexual selection is a kind of natural selection where reproduction is determined by the manner in which mating and coupling occurs (Jurmain, Kilgore & Trevathan, 2008). Competition between individuals of the same sex for mates: this tends to work for individuals who possess certain character traits among them having muscles, and huge bodies. This has now become the case among the human it is a trend that seems to repeat itself.

Sexual selection takes two forms:

1)      Competition among males and females.

2)      Competition among males and males

Case study: Let’s focus on the relationship in the primates a good example is the hamadryad’s baboons. In this group of primates, anthropologists have observed that body size is important in winning females over. Sexual selection has been credited with the reason as to why males get bigger in size. The owl monkey which is observed to be monogamous exhibits little sexual dimorphism and investment in the females is also considered less. This indicates that there exists less or no difference at all among the sexes of this group of primates.

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Domination and weakness: males are usually obsessed with domination those who are strong feel entitled to the good looking females while females tend to have a sense of pride for the security provided by the strong males. In the United States, the fashion and fitness industry has become so rampant, and an integral part of human life people who possess the best of these character traits tend to get an upper hand when it comes to finding mates (Haviland, 2010). This has also made advertisers to incorporate this issue in the commercials where you find them associating muscular men with beautiful women the result is that men will buy the product so as get muscular and gain access to beautiful women.

Women and advertisements: the role of women in commercials have been used in two contexts one to further the bias among women that light skinned women and ultra thin women are preferred than dark skinned and huge women. Additionally in every commercial concerning male products they are always accompanied by near nude women a sure way attract men’s’ attention. A good example is the play boy magazine which includes a cover page of nude women which increases its subscription and market share.

The Cosmo magazine is another case of sexy advertisement to make sure women buy this ma-gazine or it sells more units of it, it uses half naked women or ultra thin models.


From the above paragraphs, it can be deduced that indeed sex is a crucial component of the human life, the advertisement producers have noted this and hence the bombardment of the mainstream media with sexually explicit material all in the effort of making that extra dollar. All in all the use of sexual advertisement has proven to be the goose that lays the golden egg for the advertisers.

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