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    1. The Color of Fear suggests that those who have skin color that most resembles white face less discrimination than those who have darker tones or ethnically different features.  From the way minorities think and feel to the way they work, educate and behave themselves, everyday life may be threatening for them, as they are pressured to assimilate to the white supremacy. Color-blind racism is a modern look of traditional racism, as it involves tensions among minorities, keeping them in their specific social circles and restrictions. Through color-blind racism, the victims of racism are blamed, instead of the racists. For instance, African Americans are blamed for taking over the welfare system, notwithstanding their unequal treatment. They are also portrayed in the media as a cause for that problem. 
    2. Peggy McIntosh defines white privilege as an indivisible bundle of special tokens given to white people for simply being born white. This special treatment includes being considered the default human race, getting more respect, and being regarded as inherently moral and free of sin.  One example of white privilege is the ability to rent or buy housing of choice in an area of choice. Minorities of color face discrimination in housing policies, as whites are offered more choices and given safer housing environments at affordable prices. 
    3. Barry Deutsch defines male privilege as the upper hand given to males in society, which ensures that they stay on top of women in all social and moral institutions.  Deutsch’s main point is that men are the most dominant in politics, corporations, and high-paid jobs.  One privilege on the list states, “If I have children and a career, no one will think I’m selfish for not staying at home.”  This shows the discrimination against women who choose to have children yet are blamed for being workaholics for leaving them at home for their jobs. Oftentimes, women are forced to make a choice, whereas men are handed the freedom of only having to deal with one arena and shunning responsibility without accountability. 

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    1. The table Wage Gap by Gender and Race shows that even though the earnings have increased over the years, women have earned lower incomes than men; however, it also shows that white women continue earning more than minority men.  Colored women are at the bottom because they continue to be discriminated against for both gender and race and are given less opportunities and resources to move up the economic ladder. They are also given the least paid and desirable jobs, such as cleaning services, which are rejected by white males and females. 
    2. The colonial system in the Rabbit Proof Fence showed the majority white race’s attempt to control the minority and, in fact, end the colored race altogether.  The colonization was to “fix” and discipline the colored children because the white lifestyle was the only right one for them. The children were stolen from their family because they had to be disciplined and brought up in a confined, controlled setting in order to completely abolish their race by breeding them with whites later on.  
    3. In My Shoes: Stories of Youth with LGBT Parents suggests that even though children raised by gay and lesbian parents are normal and healthy, the homophobia and lack of family right advocacy negatively affects them.  The reason is that there is constant misinformation spreading along with negative portrayals in the media and on the government levels. 

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  1. Orgasm Gap
  2. According to the author, feminism benefits men and children because, by gaining the freedom and privilege to safe abortions and contraceptives, women are no longer forced to live with the consequences of sexual liberty, and therefore are not forced to carry out or end unwanted pregnancies dangerously. Feminism benefits children, as they do not have to live with the pressures that they were unplanned and unwanted.  As for men, feminism also liberates them from unwanted consequences of sexual behavior, such as the responsibility for raising unplanned children. 
  3. In the Spirit of Crazy Horse suggests that the American Indian Movement was not about simply one Indian tribe, but about all the pain and suffering caused to Native Americans throughout American history.  However, the work also suggests that the American Indian Movement intentions and motives were tainted and became violent, as opposed to the original goal of simply defending and regaining the land.  The struggle turned violent, taking lives, for which they were seen as martyrs and not the innocent victims.

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