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Serenity and stability are essential, almost indispensable, for the progress of any country. In light of this, nations as well as private security institutions, in the last decade, have worked hard to advance technology consistently to provide effective security. In the ever-evolving world of private security, institutions are quickly adapting to a heightened security environment which is marked by installation of the modern equipment (Buckhead, 2011).  The main aim of installing the state-of the-art devices- which include everything from bollards to high tech CCTV system- is to enable the security officers to be ready for whatever security assignments that come their way.

A Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a television system that transmits TV signals to limited monitors. It utilizes video cameras to produce video and wireless transmitters to transmit it. The system is used for surveillance in all fields from private companies to production factories.  An example of a CCTV is the time lapse VCRs.  While a digital video recorder (DVR) functions like a VCR, it records using a hard drive as opposed to a video tape. However, it requires a high speed internet along with internet service to function properly.  An example of a DVR is a standalone unit. Another example of products is a bollard. Bollards are used to create a restricted zone around blocks that are vulnerable to attack (Williams, 2009). A bollard barricade system consists of fixed bollards fixed independently to protect facilities while maintaining easy pedestrian access in an urban setting. Biometric security is the use of traits such as fingerprints, face, eyes or hands to identify a person. Some products that are used in this system include retinal scanners and fingerprint readers.

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A capacitance proximity detector is a device that is used to detect metallic and nonmetallic targets without physical contact. The plate inside the detector acts as the capacitor’s plate, the target as another plate and air as the dielectric between them. An example of a capacitance detector is an inductive proximity sensor. Identification systems are used to enhance security by employing measures that limit the number of persons accessing buildings. This ensures that only authorized persons can access various facilities. An example is the use of identity cards and passes. Key control system addresses the handling of mechanical keys to prevent any unauthorized entry or access. The guard system provides a means to note the time when an employee reaches a certain key point on their tour. If the employee fails to reach the target point within the specified time, the administration starts follow-up. While long range monitoring equipment is used to monitor activities from a long distance, access control devices are used to limit the number of persons accessing a certain facility (Mark, 2010).

In conclusion, security is imperative in the development of a country because it provides a peaceful environment in which investors thrive. However, security institutions must change with the changing technology to offer consumers a dependable service.  This can reduce insecurity issues and boost economic growth.

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