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The use of airlines is becoming one of the most preferred ways to travel. The ability that this method of transport is fast makes it a better player in the transport industry. This, however, is not without various challenges. It may be an expensive form of transport but it has various challenges. Many of the customers using this transport claim that the travelling fee is not a problem but the food offered. Many claim that the food is awful and which is not pleasing.

The challenge behind this aspect and problem is the height. The height that an airline travels in, leads to dried up nose. This height is also associated with affecting the taste buds and it makes them go numb. This problem is affecting many airlines as they are trying to come up with ways to ensure the provide state of art food despite the height. The experience and pressure in the cabin makes the nose go dry. The rising change in atmosphere as the airline goes up is an effect to the buds. This aspect is what makes many of the chefs in the airline spices food in more extra way to cater for the lost buds. The change in atmosphere is an affect that will not only affect your taste buds but will go ahead and kill them and also goes ahead to kill smell taste. This is what is making many airlines cook food at the ground. Despite the rules that limit ovens and grills being accommodate in airlines, this would be a very appropriate method to make foods tasty.  This aspect makes the food to be chilled and loaded in carts and loaded to airlines.

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This aspect of numb buds is what makes many customers claim that the food is awful. This has made many airlines add more salt, sugar and spices to food. Many also claim that any music that is loud affects the taste of food. The main aspect that is a catastrophe to this idea is attitude. Change in attitude makes all things numb. This is the main problem that is affecting the food sector in airlines. Many airlines are trying to stop offering foods during flights. This seems to be a thing that many airlines are doing to end this situation. The food is not the problem as stated by many chefs but the problem is when the process of flying starts. Many explain that this food is extremely awesome on the ground but taste and the smelling aspect is affected by the changes in attitude. Many passengers, however, claim that they like food that is comfort giving and one that is not very adventurous. The destination as explained by many managers also affects the kind of food offered. Researchers claim that loud music occupy a portion of the mind which was focused somewhere and this affects the taste of anything that a person is consuming.


Passengers should get to understand the problem that airlines face when they want to offer better services. The taste of food as identified is caused by the rising atmospheric pressure. Passengers should stop pressuring airlines to offer better foods. This aspect should also be noted that the noise from the airplane engine also affects the taste of food. Primarily it’s upon passengers to give the airline management a break to come with a break through to curb the situation. This aspect is making many airlines retreat to offering food to their passengers and this is one better option to help curb the situation. Those that play loud music in airlines should also understand that at that high attitude, loud music is a factor that makes taste go sour and numb. However, the raise of travelling fare is no problem but the problem is dealing with the change in attitude.

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