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It is the moral right of a person to immigrate. The importance of this right is made more evident during times of war, famine, and political persecution. However, immigration laws are crafted in such a way that it limits the ability of foreigners to come and reside inside the United States of America significantly. This stance is not acceptable in accordance to the study of the history of this nation. There is no issue concerning the limitations given to immigrants who may want to stay in this country; however, tough immigration laws is the height of hypocrisy because almost all American citizens descended from someone who was an immigrant, once upon a time. It is, therefore, high time to revise immigration laws, in order to make it easier for foreigners to come, reside, and obtain American citizenship in the United States of America.

It is a moral right of a human being to immigrate, because the right of movement, as well as freedom to choose where he or she wants to  raise a family, is granted for every man and woman irrespectively of race, color, or creed under paragraph 12 of the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. It is, therefore, easy to make the conclusion that each person has the right and unlimited freedom to choose the country of residence. Roger Nett has studies this issue, and he noted, “People have always recognized this right (i.e. the right to free movement) de facto, and ancient, as well as modern history, is full of instances of migration to avoid persecution and in search of better opportunities”. It has to be made clear that the establishment of barriers to immigration and free movement of people is an artificial invention. It is natural even for animals to migrate freely if they know that they can no longer survive in a particular area.

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Another major reason why it is immoral to prevent the migration of people can be seen in the economic and cultural benefits that diversity can bring. According to a study of Italians who migrated from Europe, their general contribution has transformed the United States significantly and in the most beneficial manner. According to the abovementioned study, “These people were, on the whole, peaceable and industrious, and improved the trades in which they engaged”. As a result, they were able to influence the American sports, movie, fast-food industries, engineering, education and so much more. Aside from the Italians, other European and Asian immigrants contributed to improvements in health care, information technology, auto industry, agriculture, and others. It is impossible to consider what America would have been like without the contributions of these immigrants.


It is the moral right of a person to migrate. This right is made more important when human being faces terrible circumstances or conditions that endanger life, freedom, dignity, and property of a person. In times of war, famine, and the rule of dictator, people should be given the chance to leave their present country of residence and move to a place where human rights and freedoms are norms rather than exceptions. Another reason why people should be allowed to immigrate and stay in a country, like the United States, is that immigration can help enhance the economy and the social aspects of a certain nation. The legislators must revise the laws, which are extremely tough in terms of immigration and immigrants.

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