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Capital punishment acts as deterrence to future murders. This punishment has been in use by the society for a long period to discourage would be criminals from unlawful actions. The highest interest in any community is to prevent and the strongest punishment available to deter it is through capital punishment. When murderers are sentenced to death and executed, they consider their actions for fear of losing their own lives. Either the death penalty deters a murderer who is eliminated through execution. Proponents of capital punishment argue that vicious murderers have to be killed to put them off from murdering either in prison or out in the society. Death penalty helps to prevent future crime as both a deterrent and a form of incapacitation (Michigan State University and Death Penalty Information Center, 2000).

Capital punishment acts as a form of retribution where in a just society death penalty for those who take others life is required. The argument is that when one life is taken in the society a state of imbalance is created. The society will enter to rule of violence if this balance is not restored. Taking the murderer’s life is the only way of restoring this balance and gives the society a chance to show that murder is an intolerable crime. Retribution derives its basis from religious views, which holds that it is okay to take an eye for an eye thus life for life. Even though, the status of the victim and his/her family will not be restored, the execution of the murderer ends the murderer’s crime and ensures that no other victim will be created (Michigan State University and Death Penalty Information Center, 2000).

Justice is better served. The most primary principle of justice is to provide punishment. The punishment should fit the crime. When an individual plans and executes a brutal murder of another person, it makes sense that the punishment for the perpetrator should also be death (Phil for humanity, 2013).

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The justice system shows a lot of sympathy to crime perpetrators than it does to victims. Emphasis on criminal justice system should be seen to protect the victim instead of the accused. Either there is an argument that a person who is on death row in most cases has usually committed other crimes before this. Thus, the victims of the death row criminal must be given justice through the death of the perpetrator (Phil for humanity, 2013).

The advanced technology where DNA testing and other techniques used in current crime scene investigations can effectively do away with almost all improbabilities regarding the individual's guilt or innocence. One of the common arguments in opposition to the death penalty is the likelihood of an error. However, with these technologies of DNA testing accuracy of over 99 percent is guaranteed. In any case, if DNA testing and other scientific methods were not present, the trial and appeal procedures are so thorough that it is almost impossible to find guilty an innocent person (Messerli, 2012).

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Parole to prisoners or escapes can give murder crime perpetrators another chance to commit the crime. The major reason for the death penalty is to prevent crimes from happening again. The parole system cannot be trusted when releasing perpetrators as some of them are not reformed. Even when criminals are convicted to life exclusive of the possibility of parole, the still have a chance to kill inside the prison, or worse, escape and commit a crime or murder outside the prison (Messerli, 2012).

Capital punishment contributes in controlling the problem of overpopulation in the prison system. Many countries worldwide are faced with the problem of many prisoners and lack of enough space and resources. For every additional prisoner, a portion of a cell is required, clothing, food and extra guard time. Elimination of the death penalty as an alternative means that the prisoner will be housed for life and this add to the crisis of overcrowded prisons (Messerli, 2012).

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