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Gun control is the term that refers to any policy or law that can be established in order to limit the production, importation, sale, possession and use of guns by private people. Gun control differs from country to country. In the United Kingdom there are strict laws about gun possession and in the US such laws are relatively modest. However, the question about the gun usage is still open and it is highly debatable around the world. Some people think that it is very dangerous to spread gun ownership, and others argue about the right of self/family-protection. Therefore, this issue is debated with a list of pros and cons. People, who support the gun control laws and policies, believe that they would help to protect society and people’s lives, their opponents argue that these limitations cause more harm.

Guns support crimes. This is the most popular argument that is expressed for the development of the strict gun control policy. Some people like to say that guns do not kill people, because people kill people and that the problem is not in the guns but in people. This is really truthful statement, but it is very necessary and important to add that people kill with the guns. Human nature is deeply connected with the violence and killing, because from the early periods of people’s existence the main purpose of life was to survive. Guns helped people at those times to hunter and protect themselves from the neighbouring tribes/villages/countries, therefore from the guns creation its main purpose was killing both animals and people. Therefore, to limit guns control policies means to give right to use this tool, as a result – shoot and kill. It is hard to imagine the world where everyone having gun, it is impossible to feel safe when you are surrounded by guns. This is the min reason why the strict guns control should be established. It is also interesting to notice such paradigm that guns were created by people, for people, against people. Guns support crime - this is the argument that can be argued by the famous proverb that evil begets evil.

People who are against the guns control minimization say that if guns caring becomes legal, the war at the streets will be common. Because, in general, people do not hesitate to use any means of dispute resolution at the road, street, anywhere, and if people had guns, it would be natural to begin shooting. It would become dangerous to go out, because you can be accidently shot. Some people are very aggressive and they poorly control themselves when they are angry. In this case there can be a lot of victims that appeared in the wrong place and time. The free guns caring will increase the crime rate and the amount of killed people will increase, a lot of innocent people can be shot. And what about the commandments of God, where the main of them says that killing is the biggest sin and the gun control minimisation tends to hold legalisation of killings. The list of the negative effects can be discontinuous.

The question of gun control is still open and the only solution to decrease crime rate is to establish gun control policy that would forbid people to carry and possess guns. It would increase the fear that someone can be shot because the person that caring gun for protection can use it in order to decrease anger or to revenge. It is very important that people think about this question. The laws concerning gun control will be changed, however, nobody knows what the solution will be.

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