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The American government has been employing the tactic of launching drone attacks on areas see as terror threats. It has been a somehow efficient method, but many analysts and critics have claimed that it is brutal.  This is because it mostly affects the civilians when they miss their intended targets. Drone attacks have had both positive and negative effects.

One of the most common and obvious is the death of many people. Some terrorists have died. They may even have caused the deaths of young children and women. Since these attacks began, many people including unsuspecting civilians have died. The numbers of confirmed deaths have been high but unspecified. The rate of death has been increased by the fact that, secondary drone attacks. This reduces the chances of rescuers going on with their rescue missions.

Physical injuries are also caused after the attacks. They will range from severe to minor injuries. Some of the people might even end up dying as a result of the injuries. The United States government is not liable to any of this, and the affected will suffer on their own.

People in the affected areas will also be traumatized. After the attacks, people will remain behind with fears of being attacked. Uneasiness is common after the attacks since no one who knows what might happen next. This affects them mentally. It might even result to reduced productivity. When productivity is low, there are chances of increased poverty.

The attacks have also increased tension between the United States and the Muslim’s states, which are the main targets. The Americans claim that the attacks are aimed at reducing attacks, but the Muslims do not agree with them. This leads to conflicts and tension increases. Revenge becomes a main agenda for those who have been attacked. As a matter of facts, it only increases chances of increased attacks and violence.

This argues against the launch of drone attacks by the United States, since the majority of the impacts are negative.


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