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Literature is the mirror of the society and makes me reflect in my day to day life and make changes appropriately. It is through reading novels that I usually realize my characters, change my views, and learn more on how to handle day-to-day situations. My characters which have been dormant for long have been reactivated after reading novels. It is from reading and analyzing different fictions that I have obtained a different perspective in life. My understanding regarding discrimination, believing in a particular faith, vengeance and healing the past wounds have been enhanced. Noteworthy, different life standpoints were important to adopt.

Discrimination is the act of prejudging others and treating them unfairly on the basis of their races, religion, tribe or merits. This vice has cut across the entire society, and its implication subsequently hurts. It causes animosity and violation of human rights. There is no reason to discriminate people just because they have a different outlook. Constantine gives birth to a baby girl who could not fit in either the blacks or the whites. Lulabelle, Constantine’s daughter, was born out of wedlock, and fate befallen her from birth. Her mother had no other option rather than giving her up to be adopted when she was only four years old. In his novel, Stockett clearly indicates how racial discrimination causes untold suffering to innocent persons including kids (Stockett, 2009). There exists racism between employers and employees who are of different colours. The blacks are treated unfairly irrespective of globalization and the mass campaign against discrimination and fight for human rights and equality. Racism is a learnt vice which is passed from one person to another through remarks and actions. If Aibeleen continued to offer labour force to Miss Elizabeth, there is no doubt that Mae Mobley would ultimately grow up to and be a racist just like her mother. This made me understand how it feels to be discriminated. I started to campaign against discrimination and educate the society on the need to accept each other irrespective of our different races.

Religion is the faith that we on the existence of supernatural being who controls life in the universe. This acts as a control of how different we perceive diverse things. There are different religion and every person have the freedom to take part in any provided you are seeking the love of God. Being a Christian, I learnt the importance of standing firm in faith to avoid wavering after every new religion is introduced in my life. At teenage, Pi stated to seek God. Initially, he converted to Hinduism and then to Christianity which he preferred as Jesus was more loving. As he grew up in the two faiths, he embraced Islam from which he liked the devotion and brotherhood. At this juncture, he was now a member of three faiths.  Every religious leader claimed that his faith was the best and this made Pi chip more in dilemma to which he would stick to. This implanted a deeper realization in me regarding how believers are convinced that their faith is the best and can do anything to win more followers. I am now stronger and follow my faith without back-sliding.

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Vengeance is a hard decision made by an individual to make persons whom he believes have caused suffering in his life also suffer. It has caused great unrest in the universe since after every conflict; we have the urge to revenge. This is a very inspiring book which clearly shows the implications of revenge. I cannot dare revenge at any situation. If no justice, I will fight for it peacefully until I acquire it. Nina Frost is an attorney who prosecutes different crimes one of them being child molestation. Some of the crimes are too sensitive to tear multiple families apart. The legal system has many loopholes which make the judgement worse. She decides to imply three simple ways to counterattack this shocking problem one time, and again, opted for compassion to maintain the emotional distance and fiercely fight for justice. However, she takes another turning point when her husband and she learn that their little son had been sexually molested by a priest. This makes her overwhelmed by desperation and anger which attracts vengeance that kindles a fight that may make her lose her destiny (Picoult, 2002). The book enlightened me on the need to avoid revenge and act patiently even when agitated. Sobering up when in between a hard rock and a deep blue sea is much important since it contributes to the decision to be made. It is through reading this book that I became more compassionate and developed the altitude of listening to others. I understood how anger and desperation can overwhelm individuals making them act irresponsibly.

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Healing the past wounds is an important step in life which gives people the courage to press on. Dwelling on our past mistakes negatively impacts our lives as we live to regret. I am now focused to make my tomorrow victorious irrespective of my bitter past. Jansen encourages readers to forget the past, learn from it, and start living life afresh. He discusses different issues including education, leadership, identity, race, sports, social networks, and politic. He argues that, all these aspect have their past which is sometimes so discouraging. In this case therefore it is advisable to leave the pat and develop new ideas to make the future bright.  (Jonathan, 2011). In every aspect of life, there lies a loophole. The most profound action is to abandon the bitter past and focus on the promising future. The book features profound reasons why one should reflect on issues more carefully. We really need to talk! Talk and discover what the future holds.

In conclusion, my claim upon the benefits extracted from the novels is sound especially after critical analysis which has changed my day to day life. The fight against discrimination will commence from me. It is important to be identified with a specific religion to obtain the love of God and avoid the dilemma of which faith to follow. The will to survive have been implanted within me forcefully. Revenge is too expensive to try and, therefore, opt for justice and finally, healing the past wounds gives me the power to push for my goals. I am a different individual with new perspectives in life.

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