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Fraud cases are the weird occurrences in the society. Sometimes, it is difficult to find out the fraud.. Sherlock Holmes, in his plays and books, is one of the common celebrated individual in the field of catching fraudster in the work place.. The intuition that the character employs in determining the evidence reveals the skills that should be employed in collecting evidence to evaluate the culprit (Totheworld et al., 2012).

Scenario I

Susan scenario provokes the feeling of external sources of funds, which the friends raise doubt on authenticity of the funds. The salary that Susan earns is not incongruent with the lifestyle that the client displays. Therefore, CEO moves to Susan justifiable investigation. The first move in determining the authenticity of the sources Susan involves validating possession of the said entities. This will ensure that investigation is based on firm grounds with the culprit in question being held responsible.

A thorough search on cash documents will be crucial in accounting the source of her revenue and expenditure. This will include validating her bank statement in all her accounts and accounts of associate members, if any. The nature of her job should also be investigated secretly with the aim of determining whether there are possibilities of extortion and soliciting money from the clients. All the details of made purchases have to be documented. Then, the client will be interrogated quoting the available evidence after gathering the required information

Scenario II

Guilty people will always strive to conceal their fears and sense of guilt while they are under investigation. However, smart fraud examiner will go for a certain aspect in the lifestyle with the aim of uncovering the truth from the culprit. The body languages form the most basic platform for evaluating claims of lying (Gupta, 2011).  Lack of maintaining eye contact, nervousness, irritability, avoiding circumstances that may put the client under investigation, and incomprehensive sentences, construction are some of the behaviors that suggest guiltiness.

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Proof of having used the money can be evaluated from changes in lifestyle. The previous status of the person under scrutiny will vary considerably from the current, in case she has other sources of money. If the authenticity of the resources cannot be accounted, then the client stands to be evaluated. Possible sources of information include cash receipt, bank statements, friends, and family members (Morehead, 2007). Moreover, grapevine information from hers associates will be crucial in determining any hints of fraud.

Scenario III

Investigation requires intense data gathering with the aim of validating the evidence supporting the claims. The supportive evidence must be solid enough to enable the examiner base his fact proofing the victim either innocent or guilty to levels beyond reasonable doubts.  Fraud examiners will go for information that is difficult to dispute. Documents used by the fraud examiners usually identificate details concerning the accused (Buckhoff & Clifton, 2003). In addition, most of these documents/records are produced in copies. Each side of transaction retains a copy. In cases of dispute, clarification can be sort from the other party. Using document provides sound source of data. Information sourced from interview can be disputed due to claims of extortion during data gathering. The complexity of sentence interpretation may also hinder information, since informants may deny the inferred meaning of a sentence.

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Elements of good documents care are based on maintaining the vital information intact. Well cared documents include documents that are intact, clean (free of cancelations and stains), filled complete in case of documents that are multiple, and with required names and identification of parties involved.

Scenario IV

The immediate change of lifestyle witnessed in Bill James aroused question. Any manager would be interested in knowing the source of the money. In investigating James, information should be gathered from relatives, friends, and significant others who may have information on the family background. The validity of information from his uncle should be sources in both James and his uncle bank statements. Other information should be sourced from tax rolls, property records and uncle’s Will.

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