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Alterations in the mood, energy and activity levels have significant impacts on the day-to-day activities of an individual and people around him or her. These alterations may cause someone to feel sad, hopeless and disinterest in various activities when one enters lows of depression. On the other hand, the swing to high energy levels causes hyperactivity. These alterations vary between different people, but have the overall effect of increasing the tendency to engage in risky behavior and poor actualization in relationships and careers. However, while variations in moods and energy and activity levels are an aspect observable in the lives of most people from time to time, the alterations may be signs and symptoms of a mental illness called Bipolar I Disorder. If left to progress, this disorder may have adverse effects on the patient and people around him or her due to the aggravation of tendencies to risky behavior. Anyone is susceptible to this disorder due the myriad of factors involved, which include genetic inheritance, environmental factors such as antidepressant medication or some mental illnesses and psychological facts (Yatham & Maj 2010).


Despite the fact that Bipolar I Disorder is a common mental illness that affects approximately 3.5 percent of the population, many victims of this disorder suffer for many years due to delays in diagnosis. This challenge arise because most of signs and symptoms of Bipolar 1 Disorder are easily confused with the ups and downs that people encounter form one time to another. However, advancement in drug therapy and non-medical approaches depict an optimistic future for patients suffering from Bipolar 1 Disorder. The management of maniac and depression symptoms is a lifelong process with the administration of medication aimed at mitigating the impacts of maniac state and depression, which cause suffering and increase the tendency to risky and suicidal acts (Keltner et al, 2007).

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