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The drugs were known to the humanity for thousands of years, although their use was mainly directed at decreasing the pain for the chronic patients. Nowadays drugs turned into a real threat for the mankind as an increasing number of people get addicted to them.

One of the most scaring facts is that drug consumption age barrier is constantly decreasing. In terms of society, this means that the number of young people, which start taking drugs, is on an increase while their age is sinking. The fact that most of the drugs are illegal and only some of them, which are used for medical treatment of the patients (e.g. opioids) and which are legally distributed does not prevent the spread of addiction, in general terms. Drug addiction requires regular spending on the drugs. The drug addicts often do not have the required money, but while suffering from withdrawal, they are ready to do anything to get a dose. This leads to crimes, especially robberies and thefts, attacks on other people and their property, and makes some people constantly owing money to the others. Another negative impact of drug abuse is that it may lead to prostitution as a way to earn money for drugs. This affects the society negatively, demoralizing it and leading to the overall dissatisfaction and frustrations in the communities.

Community might be influenced by the drug addicts directly in such a way that it would start decaying, due to the lack of integrity among the people. Most citizens would not like to live in the neighborhood with high crime rate, which is ever increasing. Any other consequences of the drug abuse influence the local community; however, they have crucial negative effect on the community, as well. For example, parents would be concerned of the safety of their children in the first place, as well as of their own. The presence of the drug abusers within the boundaries of a single community may be causing discomfort to the other members of the community; they may become extremely opposed to the drug abusers, thus making them search for other places to live or by treating them in a psychologically unacceptable manner.

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Drug abusers can and need to be stopped, within a community. It means that whenever there are members of the community, who need help from the other people in their community, this issue should be seriously considered. Moreover, there is one reliable way to avoid the drugs abuse that is their prevention. It is worthwhile spending funds on preventing the disease, rather than treating it later. Preventive measures might save a lot of young people’s lives. Prevention of drugs abuse can be realized by means of social advertising, organized public education campaigns and imposition of severe laws and regulations, controlling the spread of drugs and substances, which can be used for production of drugs.

As it was mentioned above, preventing the problem is better than fixing it afterwards. Communities and society in general should focus their attention and concentrate their efforts on the drug abuse problem, using all the possible measures. Drugs problems can be solved by deploying of the measures as mentioned above, as well as with a set of actions, which should be taken by the community members. For example, community guards can assist to the police in patrolling of locations where drugs may be distributed. Also, education about the negative effect of the drugs should be promoted during any of community activities, from county fairs to large festivities.

Drug abuse became one of the greatest problems for the society in the recent years, affecting local communities in the worst ways. Instead of trying to fight the consequences of the problem, the communities may solve the problem differently, namely by preventing the increase of the number of addicts in the area. The main way to do that is for the community to stand up and resist the against the drug industry, keep people informed of all the dangers and consequences arising from drugs abuse, and leading a broad antidrug campaign.

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