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Head and neck cancer patients require special attention. Refeeding syndrome, described in the article, becomes a primary issue for the patients, suffering from the disease. Healthcare professionals have to be ready to treat patients in such condition, as it is a part of their job.

Future healthcare professional has to be ready to help the patients with all the responsibility for the actions taken. The article helps to find out a lot about the research, conducted on refeeding syndrome, its historical overview over the past decades.  The authors provide a thorough analysis of the syndrome, concentrating on the pathophysiology, i.e. making the understanding of how the syndrome works for an individual human body easier to apprehend. All the chemical processes, involved during the syndrome, as well as those amended in the course of it, are mentioned, along with the information about the minerals and elements that play the key role in the abovementioned processes.

Healthcare professionals would find the information about the management of the disease very useful as well. Authors of the article pay attention to the early identification of the at-risk patients, which might become essential for treating the disease in the early stages. The nutrition analysis of the patient helps identify the possible outcomes of the disease, also allowing to make some predictions for the future.

Finally, ways of treatment of the refeeding syndrome patients is the most important part of the article for the future healthcare professionals. It helps becoming aware of the patients’ possible condition in the course of the treatment, the required medications they have to take, the body processes, evolving during the period.

 Future healthcare professions will be theoretically prepared to treating patients with refeeding syndrome after studying the article, but they will still need to practice a lot before the obtained data can be used in the real life conditions of the hospital.

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