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There is no doubt that stress, biological and environmental factors all are interrelated contributing to high rates of obesity. Personally, I can admit that at the moments of stress and anxiety I tend to eat more. In addition, at such moment a human body craves for products with high levels of sugar. The second aspect which can also be observed in the real life is an environmental influence. Everywhere you go you happen to notice advertisement of fast food. Even though consciously people do understand the harmful nature of such products, our subconscious nature pushes us to eat more and more of unhealthy foods. Secondly, popularity of the Internet drives people to a dubious situation: from one side, a mother can be sure nothing happens to her child who plays a computer in the neighboring room. However, a lack of exercise caused by sedentary way of life can lead to bigger problems. Thirdly, I strongly believe that some people have a high predisposition to excessive weight and obesity. Here, biology plays its crucial role. Many studies have proven a hereditary nature of obesity: if parents suffer from excessive weight, children may receive such features (WHO, 2004). It can be argued that there is no connection to genealogy since a learned behavior of a child can be taken into account. Still, I do believe that biology should not be ignored when discussing obesity. Obesity as a disease begins when energy intake exceeds energy expenditure over a long period, as a result, excess energy can be deposited in the adipose tissue. People whose weight exceeds the norm, or in obese people, not necessarily always have small power consumption (Bray, 1998). Just for some time they had a low energy consumption, or for a period of time there was an increased energy intake from food and beverages. Due to an incorrect (excessive) supply our physiological mechanisms quickly fail. Consequently, all three factors need to be acknowledged when fighting the epidemic of the 21st century.

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Ketogenic Diet

At all times people tried to treat a variety of illnesses with fasting. In the early 20s of the last century, after the systematization of knowledge about epilepsy, a special procedure was developed which could effectively cope with epileptic attacks. Its authors, the American neurologists and pediatricians studied biochemical processes that occurred during fasting and their relationship to a decrease in the frequency of attacks. They concluded that a metabolic acidosis caused by starvation effects attacks. Hence, they created a diet. The ketogenic diet was widely and successfully used in the first half of 20th century until anticonvulsants pushed it to the second place (McDonald, 2009). However, the KD remained a non-medical way to treat epilepsy. Consequently, I was extremely interested by an outstanding diet which stands along with medical anticonvulsants. The essence of the KD is that it stimulates a body to use more fats and less glucose (sugar) for energy production. I was not surprised by the fact that the mechanism of this phenomenon is not fully understood yet. In addition, it should be mentioned that I do not have any personal experience with the KD, but I still was intrigued by such a topic since its recommendations are so contrary to the conventional nutritional advice. I wondered what long-term effects the diet would have on a child’s health. The study headed by Dr. Kossoff (2011) reassures that any negative effects from the KD can be overcome with time and good nutrition following cessation of the KD. The success rate of the KD is significant and this fact, coupled with the recent study supporting the relative long-term safety of the KD, indicates that it can be an effective and responsible treatment option for some children with epilepsy. As a result, following a diet, children can abandon a medical treatment which has an extremely negative effect on a child’s health.

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