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As a personal physician, I kept track of this patient for the few last years. The brief explanation of his health condition follows.

My patient suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. This brings a number of unavoidable issues along. First, sharing accommodation with a person or a group of  people (i.e. roommates), may cause great discomfort both for my patient and for the people, surrounding him. My patient is used to his own routine, which may be irreversibly changed by living in the dormitory. His habits might become a cause of interpersonal miscommunication and further misunderstandings, leading to the failure of the level of academic achievements of both my patient and his roommate or roommates. Obsessions that my patient has are not harmful or insulting but may become subject of discussion for the surrounding people. My patient may react unpredictably in case the timing for his repeating actions will be violated, for example, by the roommates. All the repetitive symptoms of the OCD may become a cause for the patient’s unforeseen behavior. Currently we are working on improving the health condition of my patient, and it requires a lot of efforts and certain conditions to be fulfilled. One of such conditions is keeping the patient in the comfort environment, which can be solely created by his home and family around him. Risking the patient’s health is totally inadmissible.

Besides, one of the consequences of the OCD is the patient’s allergy to a small group living environment. It means that studying, socializing with other students, participating in extracurricular activities is acceptable as long as this takes place in the public places. Placing my patient to live in the place, where lots of other individuals spend most of their time, having it as an alternative to their homes, will lead to the loss of all the consequences of the treatment, held in the past few years. I strongly recommend my patient to live at home, as it will help improve the health condition and prevent any incidents that could be caused by living outside the family environment.

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