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Psoriasis condition occurs when the immune system incurs a disorder i.e. the immune system contains T-cells, which are a type of white blood cell. These cells cause an abnormal inflammation on the skin when it mistakes normal body skin cells for pathogens. This sends a faulty signal and causes the T-cells to start an overproduction in new skin cells which pile up and form raised patches on the exterior surface of the skin. These patches appear as red or silvery white patches where an individual experiences an itchy or burning sensation. The condition is usually localized in the knees, the scalp, up to and including the trunk (Bergstrom, 2011).

Psoriasis is chronic by the fact that it often appears anywhere from weeks up to months, disappearing and then flaring up again. However, it is not contagious. Psoriasis is divided into two types: nonpustular and pustular. Pustular refers to the presence of pus at the site of infection. Plaque psoriasis is the most common form of disease affecting up to an estimated 80% of the people suffering from the condition (Yawalkar, 2009). It is generalized by appearance of raised patches of skin with silvery white scales thus referred to as plaques.

This disease can first lead to the fissures or cracks on the skin from uncontrolled scratching thereby leading to worsen the skin infection and or infection from further skin diseases. Being a disease with no cure means that an individual will suffer for the entire life. Some of the agents which may be used on the treatment plan can lead to a chance of contracting skin cancers, liver disease from medicine toxicity breakdown and up to lymphoma. This will only indicate an increased chance of morbidity. The only viable control way in the long run would be continued treatment as there would be no sign as to whether it could get any better or worse. An individual will however continue to experience remissions and flare-ups (Weinberg, 2008).

Depending on the extent of the infection, an individual may suffer discomfort resulting from the itching and burning sensations. This may interfere with activities such as some sports or even taking up certain occupations. The condition can be treated only depending on the severity; for instance, exposing the affected area to sunlight may help while for others it may just make the condition worse. Ensuring the skin is kept moist via the use of heavy moisturizers after showering or bathing is helpful. Another recommended treatment would be seeking the use of an Ultraviolet-B unit in the home under supervision of a doctor. The use of Cortisone creams would also aid in the reduction of itching where avoiding the itch is near impossible (Gordon, 2005).

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This disease is known to have adverse effects on the individuals. Some effects are so intense that an individual is prevented from performing some of the most basic functions like taking care of himself or herself all the way up to sleeping. In relation to the spouse, this condition may lead to a reduced level of intimacy since the subject gains some self-awareness of appearance of the conditions and this may lead to the fear of stigmatization or being unwanted. The subject may also fear interaction with the members of his or her social group due to the fear of being rejected or being ostracized (Yawalkar, 2009). This will lead to depression in an individual and the continued embarrassment resulting from the disease and may finally lead to social isolation.

The subject will ultimately fear any form of human contact. The victim will construe any contact attempt made as humiliation. An individual may also perceive that people do not understand what they are going through. The sufferer if not in therapy will thereby end up in reality being a burden on society. On the other hand, a sufferer may take a chance and opportunity to explain the affliction to his or her family and loved ones in order for them to make the process of treatment more bearable for them. This will raise their self-esteem in order for them to be seen in social gatherings and support groups (Menter, 2010). An individual may have to stop sporting activities because of discrimination. However, self-esteem will provide a sort of coping mechanism to help deal with the stigma of not being able to go in for sport any longer. All that would be needed is educating the family, a spouse and, if possible, the community on how to help to deal with psoriasis and its effects and help an individual treat it while at home.

In conclusion, we found that an individual suffers from an incurable but treatable chronic skin disease called psoriasis, which is caused by an immune system misinformation that triggers the T-cells to form abnormal patches of the raised silvery white skin. This disease is treatable but has to be dealt with for the whole life. With the right amount of support from the family and community only positive aspects such as high self-esteem for the sufferer can be attained.

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