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Transient flaccid paralysis is a kind of disorder, which leads to the loss or impairment of human motor and sensory functions. It is considered to be a variety of physical and emotional disorders. It usually occurs as a result of dysfunction of central or peripheral nervous systems. The type of paralysis depends on a damaged part of the nervous system. Transient flaccid paralysis occurs as a result of damages in the spinal cord, the brain or in the separate muscles. Complete loss or impairment of the ability to use voluntary muscles are observed, when the nervous tissue is injured. There also may be localized paralysis, when a small group of nerves or muscles are affected.

Transient flaccid paralysis is characterized by loss of muscle tonus. The research asserts that there may be different types of paralysis according to the body region. Thus, when there only one limb is affected, it is monoplegia. Paralysis, which affects the same body regions on both sides of the body, is called diplegia. One side paralysis is called hemiplegia; for example, paralysis of the arm, leg or face. Both sides paralysis is called paraplegia or quadriplegia. In this case both legs and sometimes the trunk are affected. Paralysis usually affects the movement of a limb as a whole, and not separate muscles.

Review of the results of the main causes of transient flaccid paralysis states that Stroke Syndrome is one of the most common causes of central paralysis. It could be the result of infectious diseases, injuries and tumors. The muscles become flaccid and therefore the impairment of sensation is observed. According to the available information, emotional disturbance or mental illness may lead to hysteria. Therefore, paralysis from hysteria has no organic basis. Other causes of transient flaccid paralysis are tumor, trauma, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and metabolic disorder. All mentioned above causes are the result of damage to the brain. Conditions which are able to affect nerves of the spinal cord may include a slipped disk, tumor, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative disease and spondylosis. In case when peripheral nerves are damaged, it is usually caused by compression or entrapment, trauma and radiation among others.

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Diagnosis and treatment of transient flaccid paralysis is very important for the further recovery. Therefore, the patient’s history and any event from it is of paramount importance. Modern medicine has various devices, such as MRI, CT scans and others which help to make an exact diagnosis (Anis-ur-Rehman et al, 2007). In order to treat paralysis and get positive results, it is important to treat the cause of paralysis. The types of treatment are as follows:

  • Physical therapy, which is focused on the mobility and helps to strengthen muscles.
  • Occupational therapy, which is based on the daily activities and bathing.
  • Other specialties, which require such specialists as respiratory therapist, social worker, nutritionist and recreation therapist among others.

In order to successfully treat a patient in the future, the patients need to be treated with patience and appropriate types of treatment. To live a normal life, patients with transient flaccid paralysis are supposed to be prevented of the causes, which were mentioned above. It is worth noting that development of the medicine ensures public to be recovered in case they would have transient flaccid paralysis. Medical workers have to provide professional health care and prevent causes which may lead to this disease. The purpose of treatment of paralysis is to get the life of affected patients close to normal. There are some new findings in medicine that will give an opportunity to the affected individuals to create new possibilities to have some movement in their limbs.

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