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There are many viral illnesses that cause disfunctions of different organs and can lead to fatal outcome. They are dangerous due to their prompt ability to spread harmful viruses inside certain environment. Hepatitis A belongs to viral diseases and affects human liver. The degree of sickness varies from mild to more serious and dangerous. According to statistics of the World Health Organization (2012), the number of patients with hepatitis A is about 1,4 millions every year. The main reason lies in inconsistent living conditions. The transmission of hepatitis A virus through food and water contamination is a certain way of getting disease. When person has a direct contact with ill people, evidently causative agents will set down in his/her organism as well. The article focuses on the importance of personal hygiene and general sanitation (WHO, 2012). The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2011) warns the citizens about consequences of hepatitis A virus (HAV) and its symptoms such as jaundice, diarrhea, or stomach ache. In this case, people are likely to catch a cold. People with this virus have a dark urine and unhealthy yellow complexion. It is necessary to know that HAV is present in the sick person’s stool, too. According to the facts, among one thousand of patients about 3-6 people die). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2011), the peak of hepatitis A is visible about 1-2 weeks before the main symptoms appear. Unfortunately, infants and children are very weak to subdue this illness quickly and “may shed virus for up to 6 months after infection.”

People with HAV have to be hospitalized as soon as possible to prevent more dangerous results. Still, older patients need much time to recover than youth. Nevertheless, there is no definite ways of preventing this illness, because it depends on personal lifestyle and environment. Obviously, in order to be safe and sound everyone has to treat his/her body well and keep it clean. Consiquently, a lot of people with HAV come from counrties with low economic situation and bad accomodation. The problem surely finds its solution. Scientists, physicians, and biologists have developed special vaccine against hepatitis A. First of all, it should be applied to 1-2 years old children, travellers to Central and South America, Asia, Mexico, eastern Europe, and Africa. Citizens between 2 and 18 years old are at risk if they live in communities with a high implementation of HAV vaccine caused by rapid disease incidences. Users of street drugs, as well as men in homosexual relations are the frequent victims of hepatitis A, too.

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Despite general welfare of the U.S.A. and their high social standards, some outbreaks of viral illnesses are still noticable. It is necessary to remember a horrible situation in Pittsburg in October 2003. Mexican restaurant Chi-Chi’s gained the reputation of very scary place, where almost 500 people fell ill and 3 of them died. It was the greatest scandal concerning the victims of hepatitis A in the U.S. history. According to investigation, it was caused by scallion with HAV virus. The source added that in September the similar incident happened in Tennessee and Georgia. About 280 people were affected by hepatitis A due to consuming green onion.

After all, people should never lose control of what they drink or eat, how and where they spend their time, and who their partners are. Any person cannot live isolated, however. In order to be healthy it is much better to take the measures of prevention rather than being suppressed by some illness. Anyway, hepatitis A is not a doom. Nevertheless, even places with proven and good reputation can be dangerous fot their consumers. Nobody is secure against virus, unfortunately. The conclusion is to keep personal hygiene and, probably, eat home-made food as frequently as possible. Before going abroad, it is important to study the situation concerning HAV in the country of destination. Doubtless, person can be safe only when he/she gets the vaccine against hepatitis A.

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