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Our health is an integral part of our life. There is a right proverb – “Health is better than wealth”. Unfortunately, there is nothing but money which helps us to find a proper treatment. The U.S. does not have the universal health care system, but it is a matter of time.

The idea that every life is immensely precious gives rise to understanding that everyone deserves certain medical care. This statement can be considered both like religious and moral ideal. Nevertheless, rich people always receive better treatment, goods and services while others (poor and uneducated ones) are deprived of these opportunities.

The notion “Universal Health Care” has a variety of meanings, but it always includes the range of potential recipients, included services and quality of health care.

People can’t deny the fact that some areas of medicine is more advanced in other countries rather than in the United States. In this way, the payment for arrival, accommodation, treatment, payment for drugs and operation lie on the shoulders of the patient; and it is not necessary to go abroad to have a need to pay for treatment.

In addition, not all have the financial opportunity to pay for it. What about those people who do not have such an opportunity? The only way is considered - the insurance. However, it should be mentioned that it does not always cover the expenses. Treatment is very expensive nowadays, and not everyone can use it. Technologies go ahead – that’s awesome. Sooner or later, any experiments should be conducted on patients, on a human being. In desperate situations, people rely on the experimental treatment, which is expensive and not everyone can afford it. Unfortunately, the insurance companies require evidence that this treatment really has helped (as it happens with treatment of Parkinson's disease – Deep Brain Stimulation).

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Sometimes people are insured only as workers. Such insurance covers only the cost of treating diseases, which are caused by the work or its improper conditions. On the one hand, if a worker on construction for some reason broke his leg - the cost of treatment would be covered. On the other hand, if that same employee appeared to have cancer caused not by hazardous working conditions, he would pay for the treatment. In this case, two insurances are needed – employer-based insurance and general health insurance. Not everyone wants them – it's expensive, especially for those who don’t have a big salary and, moreover, almost never get sick. But no one knows the future, and both the time when you can get sick and what sickness will be are unknown.

In this case, the Universal Health Care System will get its advantages. According to it, each citizen or resident will get an access to insurance. If this is impossible for some reasons, the person will have a particular set of services, which are to include not only vaccines, but also other individual interventions and some not specific services.

There is also other reason why the issue of insurance is one of the hardest to be solved: there is a need to make such kind of provision in the law, according to which there will be a requirement for insurers to accept all comers. They (insurers) should not take into consideration pre-existing health conditions of a person. According to this law, people will be able to fill in an application for insurance in person, online, by telephone or mail. For those, who are not physically able to apply in person, such changes will help significantly.

There are also additional two programs for those who can’t afford payment for treatment - Medicaid and Medicare. Their existence is extraordinarily important. Whatever the medical system is, nevertheless, the state should take care of its citizens and pay for their treatment. However, these programs are vulnerable. The budget of the country is controlled by the state every day, and that is a reason why the programs of Medicaid and Medicare cannot achieve the funding which is necessary. This issue becomes especially crucial, when the question is about the budget’s cutting.

From the very beginning, it was assumed that a universal health care system is nothing but a prerequisite for the sudden appearance of incredible patient’s lines. In the U.S., even if a person has a valid insurance, the patient can wait in line to get the opportunity of passing tests or getting a treatment. In contrast, such countries as France and Germany do not have this problem.

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I believe that the existence of lines is a problem that arose not because of the universal health care. This is a problem created by the state. If a government thinks about every taken step and makes the appropriate projects and plans, the possible existence of large patient’s lines will match almost zero.

However, there is still one undeniable fact: if we achieve a universal health care system, the state and the government will be looking for ways of reducing the costs. Firstly, the payment given to the doctors and other medical staff will be cut. If currently doctor is prestigious occupation, in the future the situation may change dramatically. The number of innovations will be decreased, and access to existing ones will become complicated. All this will influence each of us negatively.

The innovations in medicine are essential. Today people are the witnesses not only of those diseases that can be cured, but those which can’t be healed by the scientists for a long period of time. The problem is not even in their existence but in their distribution. More and more people are suffering from cancer (even children of every age can have this disease), the AIDs spreads with the speed of light, and we should not forget about Alzheimer's disease.

There is one more problem: when the treatment becomes general for everyone, the patient will have no opportunity to choose how to use care. All possible services are to be reduced. For example, the list of treatment will be reduced, and the patient will have to choose between those medicines which will be available.

A huge mistake is to say that people will never fall ill and have one of these. We all are subject to infection, although we can’t realize this sometimes. Therefore, the issue of medical care related not only to those who are ill, but also to all of us.

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Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages which are mentioned above, there is a need to understand that implementation of Universal Health Care System is not a problem of one day or one month. This is troublesome job for quite a long period of time. The authorities on different levels should establish not only the law, according to which the implemented system is to function. First of all, we must understand whether the system fits the U.S. After that the authorities have to be provided with all possible drawbacks which will arise sooner or later during the implementation of the Universal Health Care System.

Secondly, the authorities are to note what services will be provided by Universal Health Care System. There is no need only to specify certain areas, but there is a need to make a detailed list of what is available to a patient according to this system. As it was noted above, insurance is an integral attribute of today's man. Nobody knows when people will need money for the treatment and what amount of these funds will be needed. The insurance helps people to cover the costs they have to pay for treatment. The state must take into account that the development of technology in medicine is a crucial issue. Experimental treatment and prevention of illnesses (which are almost never covered by an insurance company now) should still be a part of the benefits’ list.

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